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How to Stop Procrastination in 5 Practical Steps

Learning how to stop procrastination

Are you struggling with how to stop procrastination? has the perfect solution. We have recommendations on what to do to stop it gradually. First, you need to understand what procrastination is and what causes it. Procrastination is not just a personal issue. It is more of a universal problem that affects everyone. Your body and mind tend to relax and work well when in time-constrains. Therefore, the common reasons you procrastinate are fear of failure, excessive perfectionism, lack of focus, and low energy levels. Here are the five practical ways how to stop procrastination.


how to stop procrastination


Know how to stop procrastination by accepting the problem 

In some cases, there might be a genuine reason to postpone tasks. For example, if other essential duties require urgent attention, one would not be procrastinating by delaying another commitment. However, such characteristics are a red flag when you continually put off some tasks indefinitely. Besides, one can recognize that they are procrastinating by observing these habits:

  • Filling the day with low-priority tasks
  • Deliberating leaving out an essential duty in the to-do list
  • Doing unnecessary house chores, such as sweeping.
  • Prioritizing to do other people’s assignments as opposed to completing the essential tasks
  • The habit of always waiting to be in the “ideal” mood

If these habits are part of your everyday experiences when doing particular duties, one should recognize that they are procrastinating.

Try to work out and understand why you are procrastinating 

The particular reason could be a lack of interest in something since you find it less enjoyable. If this is the case, it is advisable to complete a task earlier to get it out of your way. By doing this, one can eventually focus on their preferred activities.

Poor organization is another possible explanation of why you may be procrastinating. However, procrastination becomes a mystery when you plan your activities well, especially with a To-Do list and active schedule.

The fear of success could be another reason why you may be procrastinating. Some people believe that success might subject them to additional tasks, which is not the case. Always learn to have a positive mindset to overcome such fear.


how to stop procrastination


Adopt specific anti-procrastination tactics 

Since procrastination is a deeply ingrained habit in someone’s behavior, it is unlikely to stop overnight. One may overcome unwanted habits by avoiding practicing them over time. The following strategies could help eliminate the problem:

  • Stop blaming yourself for your past procrastination habits. Some researchers have proved that self-blame nurtures negative attitudes, which increases the likelihood of repeating the same problem. However, it is possible to eliminate the matter by adopting a positive mindset.
  • Adopt the culture of committing to a task. Focusing on starting and completing assignments is vital instead of avoiding them. One can accomplish this by listing the duties you need to complete and allocating time for each.
  • Learn to reward yourself. In most cases, the body and mindset would perform well when there is a special treat at the end. Such rewards could be small, such as eating your preferred piece of cake after completing a task.
  • Minimize distractions. You are likely to perform better when there are minimum interferences. For example, avoiding working in a noisy place, putting off your television, social media, and other pop-up notifications could help.
  • Always focus on the big picture. People usually focus on present things with more relevance than future needs. You should always take each task from a broader perspective. Observing these tactics is vital when learning how to stop procrastination.

Eliminate the habit of working under constant pressure 

People have different experiences when it comes to working under pressure. For example, in life, you could remember a classmate who used to perform better than everyone else by reading on their last day of the exam. Considering that such a person may outshine those who made earlier preparations, you could be tempted to adopt the same habit of working under pressure.

However, you should know yourself first. From the above example, such a student may perform well under pressure since they know how to plan, but differently. What works for others might not be the same for you. Therefore, understand yourself and plan well to avoid working under pressure.


how to stop procrastination


Learn how to stop procrastination by doing your work 

There are no shortcuts to doing things, apart from learning to do them earlier enough. Any success comes from determination and working hard to achieve your goals. People who procrastinate are likely to develop excuses, especially when they realize they have lost more time postponing tasks.

Besides, it is common knowledge that some tasks are tedious and difficult. However, it is advisable to maintain a positive mindset when faced with such situations. Knowing that you can achieve good things through hard work could help, especially when you understand how to stop procrastination.


Like many others, you may want to know how to stop procrastination. However, there is no straightforward formula to solve this life problem. It is advisable to follow simple measures and make them part of your daily routine. Applying some of these recommendations will reduce the habit of procrastination with time. Soon, it will be a problem in the past.

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