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Choosing Persuasive Essay Topic: Step-by-Step Guide

choosing persuasive essay topic

In some cases, tutors will ask you to write a persuasive essay based on your chosen topic. Such an assignment may give you significant challenges as you may not be sure how to choose a persuasive essay topic to complete your tasks. Besides, you may feel unsatisfied when given an essay topic since you find it boring or complicated. Selecting an ideal theme to complete your essay is the most crucial writing stage since choosing the persuasive essay topic sets the entire essay’s pace. So, you need to be careful when given such a task. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can go about choosing persuasive essay topic.

1. Choosing persuasive essay topic that is well known to you

Selecting a familiar persuasive essay topic is likely to make your work more persuasive and realistic. Most importantly, you will be an expert when you share information with other people. When reading the completed essay, your teacher will be convinced you understand what you are writing about, which leads him/her to trust in your opinion. Accordingly, by choosing persuasive essay topic, your essay will gain significance in your tutor’s eyes.

Besides, it would help if you avoided the temptation of selecting a complicated persuasive essay topic. Choosing a simple topic like “Is college education in line with the job market?” “Should the government legalize the use of smartphones in high school classrooms?” “How can technology help in preventing terrorist attacks?” or “What are the best ways to reduce global warming?” can work well for you. Just as the Contributor asserts, an essay topic needs to engage with the anticipated audience.


choosing persuasive essay topic


2. Analyze the chosen persuasive essay topic

It would be best if you established whether your chosen persuasive essay topic is too broad or narrow. A broad topic cannot provide you with the specific information you need to write about. For example, a topic like “Ocean pollution” is huge as it remains unclear whether you want to talk about its causes or possible implications to the ecosystem. However, with a narrow topic, you will have a precise idea of how and what to write. For example, you can choose a topic such as “Ocean pollution: Unseen tragedies,” which makes it easier for you to focus on your essay’s particular aspect than selecting a general topic.

3. Utilize the findings of other scholars

It would be best if you were realistic when choosing persuasive essay topic, which means that you have to select one that you can easily find sources. It is pointless to come up with the idea that fascinates you only to get stuck on the way due to a lack of credible information to back your points. Besides, ensure that the sources available for your chosen persuasive essay topic are updated (not more than five years old). Citing the latest sources and famous scholars/journalists/scientists/analysts in the essay will make your work more credible and trustworthy. Again, citing other people’s work is the most recommended way to practice your research writing skills.

4. Conduct brief research on your persuasive essay topic

After choosing persuasive essay topic but still encountering a problem expressing it precisely, it is advisable to look for additional prompts. For example, you can consider reviewing a list of other related topics, headlines of articles, and reviews. By doing this, you will be able to select the most appropriate wording to express your ideas. The process also depends on a particular way of expression, whereby you can comfortably alter, omit, or add the necessary words to achieve the desired phrasing.


choosing persuasive essay topic


5. Examine your persuasive essay topic from an unexpected perspective

You might find out that many other experts have already conducted adequate research on your selected persuasive essay topic on some occasions. If this is the case, do not get depressed about anything. The essence of academic research is that there is no limit to discoveries. Going ahead with your topic is not a bad idea if you can offer a unique approach. You can show your readers how one particular field links with another one by highlighting their mutual influence. For illustration, you can write, “How leaving a healthy and happy life can be instrumental towards enhancing one’s success.” Such a persuasive essay topic shows the link between one aspect and another.

6. Read more

In case you still find it hard choosing persuasive essay topic, conduct more research. You could be finding it hard to select a persuasive essay writing topic, and it could be because you do not understand the subject well enough to help you establish an essay question. Just in case the process becomes too complicated, refer back to the basics. Read more textbooks, articles, newspapers, and other reliable sources to acquire quick foundation knowledge. Besides, what is the harm in looking for other essay examples to help stimulate your imagination?

7. Be creative 

The everyday things you encounter, such as hobbies, music, clothes, and films, can be solid material for your investigation. Get down straight to those things that make your heart excited and express them in your persuasive essay. Most importantly, when you are expected to write an impressive essay, avoid the risk of getting trapped by formal boundaries. Instead, ensure you discuss an idea that always fascinates you and express it in sincere admiration.

8. Ask your tutor for guidance

It is always advisable to ask for help when you need one. Asking for a hint or a piece of advice could be a prudent idea to help you choose a persuasive essay topic. The majority of teachers have extensive experience in many topics/areas of academic literature. Thus, they will quickly provide you with an excellent theme to study.


choosing persuasive essay topic


Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Persuasive Essay Topic


  • Decide on the type of essay before you start choosing the topic.
  • Ensure all materials that you can use as reference materials are accessible.
  • Brainstorm the ideas for the topic you want to write about.


X Hesitate to alter your topic when you find it too challenging to write about.

X Be lazy to narrow down your topic. Even if you feel your essay topic is specific, try to narrow it further.

X Try to look smart and unique to the extent of choosing a rare and peculiar topic.


We hope that you have learned something from our tips on how to choose a persuasive essay topic. Remember, there is no perfect way or formula to do it. Just believe in yourself and keep practicing. You will soon realize you are an expert in choosing persuasive essay topics without any special effort.

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