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How to write a thesis statement: Step by step guide (2022)

how to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a requirement in any essay. If you have written an essay before, you probably have come across this word and how it makes your work appear professional. A compelling thesis statement is a crucial factor in determining your grade as it informs the reader what to expect. With a strong thesis statement, the writer stamps the authority and authenticity of their arguments. On the contrary, failure to provide a thesis statement weakens the validity of the position taken. With these facts in mind, one should learn how to write a thesis statement for a well thoughtful essay.

What is a thesis statement?

In simple terms, a thesis statement refers to the specific idea that you intend to prove in your paper. It represents the entire essay in just a single proclamation. Usually, a thesis statement is written at the end of your introduction paragraph. Readers like scheming through the introduction for the condensed message, traditionally found in one or two sentences. This condensation of information is the thesis statement. One must learn how to write a thesis statement as you will need to refer to it often when writing the essay. Thus, one should know the critical elements of a thesis when writing a thesis statement.


how to write a thesis statement


Elements to consider when learning how to write a thesis statement.

One does not require special skills to be able to craft a strong thesis statement. However, the process may require an individual to conduct little research to understand the basics. In this section, we will highlight three primary aspects to consider when learning how to write a thesis statement.


The chosen position on the topic

The position refers to the short section of the thesis statement that provides your clear opinion regarding the subject. It is a simple statement that informs the reader what you intend to write in your essay. It can be a statement like, “police officers should not engage in noble cause corruption.” Such a statement presents an ideal beginning to the thesis statement, though not complete as it is. You need to provide more details to back this position, which brings us to the next element.

The reason why you believe in your chosen position

You must defend your chosen position on an issue to help make your thesis more persuasive. For instance, by considering the above position statement as part of the argument, the reason for the position may sound like this: “because it promotes dishonesty in the legal justice system.” Providing the basis for your opinion makes the point more valid than giving a bare impression. After this step, you need to introduce the third element in your thesis.


how to write a thesis statement


The limitation factor: How to write a thesis statement

Adding a limitation factor is necessary when you intend to make your essay more controversial. However, this element may not be required when the topic under discussion is straightforward. The limitation element is simply the opposite argument to your thesis. Considering the above position statement, one can write the limiting factor in the following format: “Ending noble cause corruption is hard since the end tends to justify the means.”

One should introduce a limiting factor in the thesis statement because of its impact on enhancing reasoning validity. Upon reaching a clear consensus of these three aspects, you can now write your final thesis in a single sentence. One can write the complete thesis statement in this format: “Though it increases the pace of delivering justice, police officers should not engage in noble cause corruption because it enhances dishonesty in the legal justice system.”

How to tell a weak from a strong thesis statement

When writing your essay, you must remember to show your stand regarding the topic under discussion. For example, you might be tasked to analyze a politically-related issue, such as the upcoming U.S. elections. You might be asked to write an essay on the following question: “Will Joe Biden Be Reelected in 2024?” This is an open question where you can choose either side and provide arguments to support your stand. Here are two possible thesis statements from this question:

“It is likely that Biden will be reelected in 2024.”

This is an example of a weak thesis statement. It only shows the position you have taken but does not consider all the three factors highlighted above. Notably, it does not provide the reason for the chosen stand and lacks the limitation aspect.

Due to the improved economy under his tenure, continued disarray in Republican’s camp, Joe Biden is likely to be reelected.

This is an example of a strong thesis statement. It takes a clear stand and provides the reasons to support the argument.


how to write a thesis statement


The difference between an argumentative and a descriptive thesis statement  

When learning how to write a thesis statement, you must know the difference between an argumentative and a descriptive one. The first criterion to observe is that the thesis must contain an argument. There should be room for someone to oppose your stand. Thus, you must avoid writing a descriptive thesis since it does not provide a place for an argument.

Argumentative thesis statement

It gives a clear message of what you intend to write about. The reader will immediately know what you intend to prove. For illustration, if the topic is, “Should smoking be banned entirely?” The statement must be specific by answering the question, as opposed to repeating it. Accordingly, a strong argumentative thesis statement would look like this:

Because of its addictive effects and the increased health risks it poses for both smokers and people in their surroundings, it points to the conclusion that cigarette smoking should be banned as it has no place in the 21st century.

A descriptive thesis statement

A descriptive thesis statement repeats the question without providing any specific position on an issue. For example, considering the same question asked above, the descriptive thesis would look like this:

“This paper will debate whether or not the government should ban cigarette smoking.”

This thesis statement is both weak and does not provide a clear stand on the topic. Contact us for more guidance on how to write a thesis statement that is more appealing.


The information we have shared does not require a particular skill to write a compelling thesis statement. It is easy for anyone to learn how to write a thesis statement. All you have to remember is the three elements that must be included in a thesis: position, reason, and limitation factor. Besides, one should also know the difference between an argumentative and a descriptive thesis statement. After writing your thesis, remember to read through it to ensure it answers the question but does not repeat it. Therefore, by applying these insights, we hope you will soon become an expert in writing a strong thesis statement.

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