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How to Write a Good Essay – Step by Step Guide

How to write a good essay

There is no secret that learning how to write a good essay is an essential requirement for all learners. The process can be derailing to the level where one may begin to dislike their academic assignments. You will need to write an essay at some point in your academic calendar. It becomes more complicated when you do not know where to begin. Thus, you can learn how to write a good essay by ordering our services.

What is your way out in this situation? You cannot opt out of the class or change a course just because it is time to write an essay. The first option is to learn from this material all the necessary elements you may require to write a good essay. The second option is hiring an expert at an affordable rate. Proficient Writer has the best writers that can educate you on how to write a good essay or deliver an A+ paper.

A. Steps to Follow When Learning How to Write a Good Essay

By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail – Benjamin Franklin

It is common knowledge that adequate planning is the key to success and happiness. You are likely to lose focus and direction in life by not having a plan. Besides, you may find yourself following other people’s ideas, which may cost you time and dreams. We all need to heed the advice of one of America’s founding fathers (Benjamin Franklin). Here are the necessary steps to follow as you learn how to write a good essay in college.


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  1. Select an exciting essay topic

You must learn how to write an excellent essay on a specific topic. You may find it easier when your tutor assigns you a particular topic. However, if you do not have one, you need to select a topic that you love. You can learn more about the factors to consider when choosing a persuasive essay topic for more insight. Be sure to select your topic wisely.

  1. Conduct in-depth research on your topic

The next step in learning how to write a good essay is profound research. Irrespective of the topic you choose, you need to become familiar with the information already available. You can obtain this information from scholarly articles, books, and reputable magazines. Ensure experts and specialists in that field are the authors of the material you select to use as sources. In case there is little information from scholarly sources, you may think of changing your topic.

  1. Allocate more time to think

Great essay ideas are easy to generate when the mind is fresh. One of the requirements, when learning how to write a good essay is taking some time off. After choosing a topic, take a break to refresh your memory. When relaxed, try to evaluate the topic’s theme from a different alternative to ensure it is ideal. Use your off time to imagine possible variants when arguing your ideas and approaches in the essay.

  1. Organize your thoughts when learning how to write a good college essay

The easiest way to structure your thoughts is by creating an outline. When learning how to write a perfect essay, ensure your outline has the necessary details and flows logically. Highlight the keywords you want to include in your essay. Besides, write down the references for the points you wish to have in your essay. Ensure the sources are credible. In case you plan to write an imaginative or creative piece, draw a pyramid diagram or any other shape that can help you organize your ideas in the essay.

  1. Create a thesis statement

A thesis statement is your guide for the rest entire essay. It is the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. Its role is to give your reader a clear vision of what to expect in the essay. Before you start writing the introduction, ensure you have a clear thesis written somewhere. It needs to be clear and concise but can incorporate all essential points you want to address in your essay. You can learn how to write a thesis statement by following these simple guides.  

  1. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence

Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. When learning how to write an excellent essay, you should be aware that the topic sentence expresses the paragraph’s idea. Besides, all paragraphs should have contextual information that supports the topic sentence and thesis statement.

  1. Write your essay

Now, it is time to start writing. Begin your essay with the introduction. Remember, the last sentence of the introduction is your thesis statement. After the introduction, move to body paragraphs, and finally, the conclusion. Each body paragraph must have a topic and a concluding sentence. Consult our experts when you need help with learning how to write a good conclusion for an essay.

  1. Don’t fake it when learning how to write a good college essay.

Your teacher/tutor is not dumb. When reading your essay, your tutor can quickly tell when you do not understand the essay topic. In such cases, your essay is full of fluff that does not make sense. Ensure all sentences in the essay add substance to your work. Writing just to make your essay longer or attain the word count does not guarantee a good grade.

  1. Take some rest

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Your body deserves some time to rest. You can take time off by taking a nap, a walk, and doing a fun activity. Do something that will help you relax your mind as you plan to make the final touches on your essay.

  1. Perfect your essay

Learning how to write a good essay requires perfection. Read the essay one more time. This is the right moment to make your essay even better and more appealing to read. When proofreading, remember to delete unnecessary phrases. Use your dictionary to find the correct synonyms to help eliminate tautologies. Cross-check your work for any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

  1. Fresh perspective

In most instances, you may fail to recognize simple mistakes in your essay. A thumbs rule when learning how to write a good essay for college is consulting others. Two heads are better than one. You can ask your peers, friends, parents, or teacher to read your essay and give their recommendations. Use their feedback to perfect your essay. The journey to becoming a great writer starts with sharing your ideas with people known to you.

  1. Submit your essay

Read your essay one more time to ensure everything is perfect. Submit your work and wait for an ideal result.

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The Formula to Help You Learn How to Write a Perfect Essay

By now, you are aware of the necessary steps when learning how to write a good essay for college. Writing a good essay is like preparing a perfect meal. You need to understand the ingredients, the amount to use, how to mix, and the time to boil them. To create a brilliant essay, you need to be conversant with some of the essay structure’s tiniest parts. Now, let us turn our focus to these specific elements.


how to write a good essay


B. How to Write an Introduction to an Essay

First, you need to understand the purpose of an introduction. Its central role is to grab the reader’s attention so that they can continue reading your essay. So, how can you hold your reader’s attention? Make your introduction interesting, mysterious, funny, and unique. Here are the underlying factors to consider when writing the “perfect” essay introduction. Alternatively, you can contact the team of experts to help with your essay or learn how to write a good essay.

Be funny

Your readers are humans. Try to entice them right from the beginning. Write something interesting that can make them laugh or smile. A sweet introduction can comfort your reader and help build a positive perception regarding your essay. However, you need to be careful with jokes. You may not use them in some essays that present serious social, economic, and political matters. Besides, ensure the joke is appropriate for the average person.

Be Mysterious  

The rule of mystery is diversification. It would be best to create a scenario where your readers would wonder why you introduced an unrelated concept to the topic. For instance, when writing about homelessness, you may pose a question about a mango fruit. You are likely to wonder the reason for doing so. Your reader will also get the same impression. That is the point of being mysterious.

Be interesting

When learning how to write a good essay in college, you need to know how to tell a story. In general, life is made up of stories such as novels, comic books, and fairy tales, among others. Most importantly, your adventure should not be too long or complicated for the reader. Any story in your essay needs to be relevant to the essay’s theme.

Be unique

Uniqueness means having something unusual from others. Your essay will be annoying when there is predictability. You need to adopt an irregular approach. Learning how to write a good essay for college is a diverse process that has many methods. Most importantly, try to be imaginative and creative in your essay. Do not waste your only chance to attract your reader.


Your introduction is incomplete without a strong thesis statement. You can write the thesis statement in one or two sentences that summarize your intended essay’s ideas and direction. The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction paragraph. Learn how to write a thesis statement by following these simple guides.


When writing a thesis statement, consider the following steps:

  1. Make sure the thesis statement answers the essay question.
  2. Ensure your thesis answers the WHOLE question.
  3. Provide examples in your thesis statement.
  4. Make sure you write your thesis to perfection.

By now, you understand the basics when learning how to write a good essay in college. Besides, you are now aware of how to write a thesis and introduction to your essay that can grab your reader’s attention. It is time to move to the next step of learning how to write a good essay.

C. How to Organize the Main Body of an Essay

The body is the main section of the essay. All paragraphs located between the introduction and the conclusion are the body section of the essay. Its text length relies on the word limit of the assignment. A body paragraph should have at least four sentences, ranging from 70 to 160 words. A standard body paragraph should have the following:

  1. Begin with a topic sentence
  2. Have an example
  3. Provide an argument/evidence
  4. Have a coherent structure
  5. Show a clear connection with the thesis statement.


These are the critical point to note when learning how to write a good essay in college:

  • Every paragraph should have only one sub-point. Such an arrangement allows your reader to follow through with your arguments. The first paragraphs of the body section should have the most persuasive arguments. The weak ideas should come as the last paragraphs of the essay body.
  • Use transitions to connect parts of the main body. Transitions ensure there is coherency in your essay, as opposed to having random arguments. Use supporting details to enforce your points. Besides, use facts, quotes, statistics, and examples to enhance the reliability of your facts.
  • Observe the required length of your essay. Standard paragraphs should have at least four sentences and a maximum of eight. Use different approaches to enhance your ideas. Such a procedure is excellent for maintaining your reader’s attention.
  • For the short essays, which are typically two pages long, the simplified approach is to divide it into five paragraphs. The first and last paragraphs will be the introduction and conclusion, respectively. The three paragraphs in the middle will be the body of your essay. Allocate the word count relative to all paragraphs. Such an approach will avoid the scenario where some paragraphs are too long while others are too short.

Now that you understand what to include in the essay body, it is time to move to the next phase of writing a good essay.

D. How to Write a Concluding Paragraph of an Essay

The concluding paragraph acts as a reminder. You need to recap the reader why they chose to read your essay and why such a decision was not a waste of their time. Besides, there are higher chances that your readers will remember the concluding paragraph more than any other section of the essay. Similar to the introduction, the concluding paragraph should be the best part of your writing. The following are the Dos and Don’ts in your conclusion.

The Do’s

  • Restate the most critical points in the conclusion.
  • Give the reader a hint regarding the further development of your essay topic.
  • Repeat your thesis statement to enhance the feeling of completeness.
  • If the essay is a dedication to a book or movie, quote or reference that source.

The Don’ts

  • Introduce new information in the conclusion
  • Avoid common phrases, such as “In conclusion” and “To sum up.”
  • Avoid exceeding the limit of a few sentences.
  • Stay away from expatiating by adding information already known to your reader.
  • Do not try to surprise your readers in the conclusion. Maintain the same tone and approach used throughout the essay
  • Do not apologize to your reader. The restriction to the word limit is not your fault.


how to write a good essay



Where Can I Get Help with My Essay?

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E. Types of Essays

Knowing how to write an essay is a good thing. But it is not enough. You are also required to understand the different types of essays. There are many types of essays that your professor may ask you to write. However, in this section, we will highlight the most basic and common types of essays that you should consider when learning how to write a good essay.

  1. Argumentative Essay

When it comes to this type of essay, the general rule is to answer the question in a manner that persuades your reader to believe in your opinion. There is no right or wrong when it comes to argumentative essays. After choosing your side, provide adequate points to back your claims. Besides, you need to mention well-known sources and real-life examples to make your argument more compelling.

Topic example: Discuss whether or not video games promote violence

  1. Analytical Essay

The primary goal of this type of essay is to analyze a tendency, behavior, or event. You need to apply logical reasoning and structure when completing this type of essay. Besides, ensure your reader can easily follow your thought naturally, without the need to do more research and extended reasoning. Use linking words within your sentences and paragraphs to create a smooth flow of information.

Topic example: Drug use in sports. Analyze the reasons why top-ranked sportspeople use drugs

  1. Problem Solution Essay

Such essays are common in IELTS. When learning how to write a good essay of this category, you need to state a problem and offer a solution. Remember to mention the expected outcomes and the consequences that may result. The standard rule to remember is that your issues are irrelevant to the readers. Try to find something that can interest and relevant to the reader.

Topic example: Should the US government step up its deportation of undocumented immigrants, or should it offer asylum for those currently living in the country?

  1. Expository Essay

When learning how to write a good essay for college, it is essential to understand an expository essay’s vital aspects. Such an essay requires you to express your ideas clearly and in a simple manner. You are not required to prove anything. Instead, your task is to present all sides of the topic to the audience. Avoid adding opinions and emotions to your work. Only use facts and logic.

Topic example: Explain why somebody you know should be regarded as a leader.

  1. Process Essay

Learning how to write a good essay in college is not complete without knowing the basics of a process essay. With such an essay, your primary role is to provide your reader with a step-by-step guide. In brief, you are required to write thorough and detailed instructions.

Topic example: How to cook the best Christmas dinner at home

  1. Descriptive Essay

When learning how to write a descriptive essay, you need to know how to write about the general impression. In such an essay, you are required to describe things, people, or natural events. Remember to provide a detailed description of all aspects of your subject. You can describe the appearance, smell, and how it feels.

Topic example: Describe your favorite movie character and explain why you like him/her.

  1. Persuasive Essay

This type of essay’s essential factor is to ensure your reader agrees with your viewpoint after reading your essay. Knowing how to give compelling arguments, being eloquent, and showing confidence in your work is part of the process when learning how to write a good essay in college. These are the fundamental tools to know when writing a brilliant persuasive essay. Choosing a persuasive essay topic is another essential factor when writing a persuasive essay.

Topic example: Should people in higher income brackets pay more taxes?

  1. Definition Essay

Such an essay defines a given term, concept, or phenomenon in a detailed manner. When learning how to write a good essay, you should know how to provide in-depth and comprehensive research on your topic.

Topic example: Define the concept of grief.

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay

Such an essay requires you to list the differences and similarities or various aspects. Some of them may include events, devices, tendencies, celebrities, buildings, brands, websites, etc.

Topic example: The main difference between writing an essay and writing a research paper.

  1. Collage Admission Essay

One of the main requirements in writing is knowing how to write a good essay for college admission. It is a crucial document for the application process. With this essay, the admission board gets to know more about you based on your writing. This essay shows the board that you are not just an ordinary candidate but a perfect fit for their institution.

Topic example: What captivates you?

  1. Cause and Effect Essay

This type of essay’s primary goal is to specify the reasons and outcomes of a specific problem or event. You may choose to investigate the cause, provide suggestions on the effects, or do both.

Topic example: Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants.

  1. Narrative Essay

Such an essay is about personal experience. You are required to write in first-person, using the “I.” The essay must have a point and purpose. When learning how to write an excellent narrative essay, add the story’s necessary parts, such as the introduction, plot, characters, and conclusion. Make sure your narrative is compelling and has a moving example to prove your central idea.

Topic example: Narrate an experience that changed your behavior

  1. Critical Essay

Such an essay gives your verdict regarding an issue. You may be required to evaluate and criticize a piece of art or project to reveal its strengths and weaknesses. With such an essay, you may need to provide some general data regarding your essay’s subject to familiarize your reader with the issue.

Topic example:  Communication differences between men and women.

  1. Classification Essay

This essay’s main idea is to separate objects, ideas, or things into specific identifiable groups. You need to explain each classification adequately and give examples to back your points.

Topic example: What are the teaching techniques for high school?


how to write a good essay


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Learning How to Write a Good Essay

  1. Talking about nothing

Your work mainly contains made-up stories or fabricated facts. The situation happens when you select a less exciting topic and are reluctant to conduct profound research. You tend to repeat the same idea, often using different words. Clear your mind, pull yourself together, and you will write an essay full of ideas as you continue to learn how to write a good essay.

  1. Procrastination

The devil of postposing tasks is real. Since you have a few more days left to submit your work, you postponed your task until the last day. Eventually, you will write your essay hurriedly, which limits your chance to conduct in-depth research. Learn how to stop procrastination on 5 practical steps.

  1. Lack of concentration

Focus is another vital element when learning how to write a good college essay. You need to focus on your question and avoid losing your thoughts on the wrong path. An essay needs to have a logical flow backed with supporting evidence. It is not entirely a philosophical monologue that you can complete without maximum concentration.

  1. Unsupported ideas

Every statement you provide in your essay should have supporting details. Some of them include facts, quotes, statistics, and examples. Your essay will sound meaningless and thoughtless without supporting ideas.

  1. Informal language

Avoid using slang in your essay. Words like “wanna” and “gotta” are common examples of slang, which are considered informal language in essay writing. Only use high-level vocabulary and consult your dictionary when necessary.

  1. Misuse of words/lexical tautologies

Nobody is perfect in this situation. It is not a crime to consult your dictionary. No one can be perfect with vocabulary in cases where scientific terminologies are required. Learn to use synonyms and simple words when writing your essay.

  1. Irregular paragraphs

When learning how to write a good college essay, you need to know the paragraph’s standard requirements. A paragraph has at least four sentences and a maximum of nine sentences. Try to balance the size of your paragraphs in your essay. For example, you can have paragraphs with 5, 6, and 7 sentences. Avoid having some paragraphs with four sentences, while others have more than nine sentences.

  1. Punctuation mistakes

It is not a crime to have punctuation mistakes in your essay. However, these mistakes are easy to remove through editing. After you complete your essay, take some time off before you begin to edit your work for punctuation errors. Be careful with comma splices, missing commas, missing subject or verb, and unnecessary commas.

  1. Absence of a thesis statement

Your thesis is the head of your essay. Without it, you are simply writing an essay with no specific direction. You need to lay a foundation for your essay by providing a clear thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement helps to establish the structure, logic, and purpose of your narration. A thesis statement is a crucial aspect when learning how to write a good essay.

  1. Neglecting references

Another common mistake that many people make when learning how to write a good essay is ignoring to put references in their essays. If you obtain information from a source, it is logical to cite it properly. The lack of it amounts to plagiarism, which is an offense in academic work. Such a mistake is grave, even if it is accidental.  

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