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Explanatory Synthesis Essay Example: Guide for A+ Papers

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Example

Do you need help with an explanatory synthesis essay example? Look no further than Here, we can help you with your assignment to help put your grades back to the top. With our experienced experts in various subjects, your project is always in safe hands. This guide provides an example of an explanatory synthesis essay that you can use to understand the core requirements for such an assignment.


What is a synthesis?

Synthesis is a written discussion incorporating support from many other sources offering diverse views. Such assignments require you to review several references and establish their relationship to your thesis. Thus, such an essay requires you to elaborate on a particular subject without providing your personal opinions about the topic.

The ability to write a synthesis essay could be among the engaging assignments you may encounter. Writing a perfect paper entails taking ideas from numerous sources, summarizing them, and combining them into a thesis statement – similar to the position the synthesis essay is trying to argue. Identifying the synthesis statement will help compile other assignment themes, leading you to write an organized synthesis essay.

One use of synthesis is analyzing papers to examine related theories. For example, one could use it to compare the provided theories of evolution. Another benefit of synthesis is completing research papers that incorporate multiple sources. For instance, one could use it to look at the new legislation’s economic and social outcomes.

Further, one could use the synthesis as argument papers to compare different views and support a coherent claim. For illustration, one may ask if using Turnitin violates learners’ rights. Some may argue that saving students’ assignments into respiratory is similar to stealing students’ projects. Others may say that learners willingly agree to have their work archived. Besides, one could use synthesis to write business reports examining ideas and blending them into forming a coherent plan. The explanatory synthesis example essay would look for ways to improve a specific waterfront image to attract more visitors and enhance business opportunities.

Components of an explanatory synthesis essay example

Like other essays, an explanatory essay has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction

Your introduction needs to present the clarity of the topic. It lets the reader know what to expect in the rest of the essay. Avoid leaving your reader guessing what the paper will entail. Instead, try to be clear and precise regarding the topic of your essay. Besides, your introduction should have a thesis statement as the last sentence of the paragraph. A thesis is the central argument of the entire paper. Learn more about how to write a thesis statement here. Alternatively, contact our team of experts for a guide or request an explanatory synthesis essay example.

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs of the explanatory synthesis essay example need to include relevant and valid data assembled from reputable sources regarding the topic. This assignment section requires many explanations that back data to prove the validity and enhance the argument’s clarity. Importantly, giving this supportive information is suitable for winning the readers over. One can subdivide the body paragraphs into subsets to help create an excellent flow of ideas regarding the structure and essay format.

The ideal body paragraph should have a topic sentence and at least five sentences. These sentences need not be too short or too long. Besides, inputting transitions between sentences is highly recommendable as it ensures a coherent flow of ideas. Transitions are also relevant when switching paragraphs.

Further, the writer must consider providing vivid descriptions when giving additional information regarding the topic. Such writing skills need to be captivating so that the reader feels that they are part of the scenes narrated in the essay. Such talent differentiates a regular writer from an outstanding one. Contact us if you need help with such a service.

Lastly, all sources you use in research and inferring different ideas must appear in the body paragraphs. It is firmly recommendable to utilize credible and updated scholarly sources. An explanatory essay example topic may be, “Write about the harmful effects of smoking.” For such an assignment, you will need to state the statistics with facts about how smoking can adversely affect health.

The conclusion

It will help if you avoid any ambiguity in your conclusion at all costs. Your essay must have a summary that is crystal clear. Also, note that a conclusion must be brief and objective. Without providing new information, you need to summarize the key ideas covered in the whole explanatory synthesis essay example.


explanatory synthesis essay example


Tips for writing explanatory synthesis example essay

When completing a synthesis paper, an essential aspect is conducting an adequate analysis of a given text or prompt. For successful research, you must know how to comprehend the text’s purse, rhetoric, and argument for the author’s claim. In simple terms, an example of an explanatory synthesis essay answers the question: “So what?” Therefore, such a task requires you to build your application and complete your work around such a concept. These are the key points to note when writing an explanatory synthesis essay example:

  1. Do not title your assignment as a ‘synthesis essay.’
  2. Always remember to address your readers appropriately.
  3. Be precise with your vocabulary. Do not shy away from using your dictionary.
  4. Utilize clear sentence structures at all times. It entails avoiding passive language in your essay.
  5. After completing your explanatory synthesis example essay, proofread your work for detectable errors. Some areas to correct include spelling, comma errors, subject-verb agreements, plurals, and possessives.
  6. Ensure that all your citations are correct. Look at our explanatory synthesis essay example for more guidance on citations.
  7. Utilize sentence and paragraph transitions in your essay.
  8. Avoid using the word ‘you’ in your essay. By reading more from our explanatory synthesis essay example, you will understand the importance of ignoring this word in the essay.

Explanatory synthesis example essay format

When writing an explanatory synthesis essay, its format would depend on the style requested by your professor or teacher. The commonly used forms are MLA, APA, and Chicago style. MLA is usually used for citing humanities subjects, while APA is often used in Education, Psychology, and Science subjects. Comparatively, Chicago is often used for Business, History, and Fine Arts subjects.

MLA Format

The key points to consider when writing an explanatory synthesis essay example are:

  • Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced
  • One-inch margins
  • Include your surname and page number at the top right corner of every page
  • The titles are always centered.
  • The page header must include your name, professor’s name, course number, and date.
  • The last page is the “Works Cited,” containing all sources used in the essay.

APA Format

The notable vital points to consider are:

  • Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced
  • One-inch margins
  • The page number should appear on the top right.
  • It must have four sections; title page, abstract, main body, and references.

Chicago Format

The key points to consider are:

  • Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Utilization of double spacing.
  • One-inch margins.
  • Besides, use half-inch indents when beginning paragraphs.
  • Utilize left-justified text.
  • Use the full names of organizations or people.
  • Include the bibliography on a separate page.


explanatory synthesis essay example


Explanatory synthesis essay example topics

Such assignments may be based on different topics, but all of them target providing statements of information. It is always recommendable to select a topic based on your discipline of study. Again, doing so gives you the extra advantage of having the right idea of doing and simultaneously saves time. Besides, assigning yourself a topic you have never heard of is doing injustice to yourself due to the extra time it will take to research new ideas.

The explanatory synthesis essay example evaluates your ability to research different information sources successfully. As a result, you should be able to develop a practical explanation detailing the relationship between the diverse contexts you encountered. Thus, these are some of the commonly used topics by most instructors:

  • Write a synthesis essay on nuclear warfare.
  • Write an article on alternatives to formal employment.
  • Complete an essay regarding the impact of technology on social lives.
  • Complete a descriptive synthesis essay on global warming.

Further, kindly note that these are only a few explanatory synthesis essay example topics. Besides, it is advisable to understand and master the skills needed to complete synthesis essays. It helps one to be more confident during such assignments. However, you can also request help from our team of experts.

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