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The death penalty essay: Should the death penalty be allowed?

the death penalty essay

The death penalty is a highly controversial topic that has been discussed for years. If you need help with the death penalty essay, do not hesitate to contact us. Some people believe it should be allowed as punishment for those convicted of serious crimes such as murder, rape, and terrorism. While others think the death penalty is cruel and unjustified. In America, the death penalty is legal in 32 states. The first execution by the electric chair took place on August 6, 1890, in New York (The History Channel).

In 1972, the United States Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment does not violate the Eighth Amendment, prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment (Carol). This ruling allows the use of the death penalty in America. Also other countries that use it are China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea. The death penalty is still in use because it serves as a sort of crime control, i.e., it deters people from committing murders. Victims can experience closure regarding the death of their loved ones. Capital punishment is a form of retribution, as it imposes the death penalty on the criminal.


How does the death penalty work?

In most cases, lethal injection is done to perform the death penalty. Three drugs are subject to administer – one that puts the prisoner into a state of deep sleep, another paralyzes them from head to toe, and a final drug that causes a heart attack. The first drug is a barbiturate sedative called thiopental sodium. The second drug is pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant that stops all body movement. It’s also known as Pavulon or Vecuronium bromide. The third drug is potassium chloride, which stops the heart from beating and causes death.

How accurate is the death penalty? Trained medical professionals administer all three drugs. Each drug must be given in the proper doses at the right time to ensure that death occurs as quickly as possible with no pain.

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the death penalty essay


Should the death penalty be allowed?

The death penalty is the punishment for the person found guilty of murder, espionage, treason, aircraft hijacking, or genocide. This punishment is carried out by putting the person to death. It has been used worldwide but is legal in only 59 countries. The death penalty is a punishment that has been around for many years. It has been used in different countries and states in the United States, but the death penalty has slowly started to decline, and many states have banned it.

Many issues have arisen over the years, with the death sentence being used often. People’s problems with the death penalty mainly focus on whether or not it is an adequate punishment for the crime. The death penalty being used daily has caused many arguments over whether or not it should continue.


Many different issues have caused the death sentence to become a topic of debate and still is today.

First, the biggest issue with the death sentence is that it does not deter the crime. The death penalty does not seem to change the world for a better place; instead, it changes it for the worse. The death penalty should not change a person’s behavior if they die anyway.

Second, this punishment is used to control society rather than as a preventive measure. It is the main reason why stakeholders should not use the death penalty. People are being taken off death row because of mistakes made during their trials or because they do not have enough evidence to convict them.

In conclusion, the death penalty should not be used as a method of punishment. Although people think it would be a deterrent, this is not true. The death penalty does not deter crime but instead promotes it in society. It is a cruel and unusual punishment that justice agencies should no longer use.


the death penalty essay


What is the history of the death penalty?

The death penalty has been used for thousands of years, but the earliest form involved being buried alive. Proponents of the death penalty said this process would be fast and painless. It was an idea popularized by Gilgamesh, a king who ruled Mesopotamia early in our civilization. There are records of people being sentenced to death by being buried alive in Babylonian law around 200 BC.

The first recorded use of the death penalty in the United States occurred in 1608. Many people against it said it violated the Eighth Amendment, which states that you cannot be forced to give testimony against yourself. In addition, they argued that it was cruel and unusual punishment. In 1976, a study in California found that more than two hundred and fifty people were sentenced to death during that year alone.

No one was executed in that state during the same year. Societies often use the death penalty to show how committed they are to something, even though it is clear they do not take it very seriously. Contact us today to help with your the death penalty essay.


What are the cons to having the death penalty in society?

Some believe the death penalty is necessary to deter others from committing serious crimes. They believe that criminals who commit murder should be killed in return. Others say that it does not deter crime at all. If someone commits a crime to get the death penalty, killing them will only lead to more violent crimes. The death penalty is a barbaric act. It does not change the criminal, but it does change the family and friends of that person. We are supposed to be more civilized than that. Contact us for more on the death penalty essay.

The death penalty should be eliminated and never brought back. My opinion is based on the idea of taking a life. I am adamantly against taking a life, even when life is taken with good intentions. The death penalty should not be administered just because someone else feels like it. Taking life for any reason is wrong and is never the answer. Killing people does not solve anything. It only creates more problems.

If the death penalty did not exist, we would not complain about companies that produce drugs for executions. It is one thing to make drugs for sick people, but it is another to create medicines used to kill people. That is an extremely slippery slope. What will stop us from continuing to kill others if we start killing people? We should never place our companies in that position. I am against the death penalty.


the death penalty essay


If not, what should we do with criminals who killed someone?

We need to find a way to punish these people. But should we kill them? There will be different opinions, but the death penalty is irreversible. What if there are innocent people who were executed, or what if their sentence was too brutal or not enough punishment for the crime they committed? When faced with these moral questions, it’s challenging to make a decision. Ultimately, I think the death penalty is too cruel to an individual, and I don’t think it’s a good solution.


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