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Tips from Expert Writers– How to Begin Research Paper

how to begin research paper

Research papers are no longer a part of college writing that used to be limited to students. Nowadays, research papers are necessary for every professional who wants to make a name in their field. Whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience, find out how the time-saving tools offered by our blog can help your work be the best it can be! Here are the basic ideas to help you learn how to begin research paper.


Tips for how to begin research paper

In the beginning, it is important to ask yourself what kind of research paper you want to write. That is crucial because some research projects require a certain format for the beginning. When learning how to begin research paper, people should first come up with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is like a question you would like to have answered that guides your whole research project.


Once that has been highlighted, ask yourself what kind of question can you ask? If it becomes easy for you to narrow down which sources you will include based on the topic, start picking out those sources and compiling them in an outline format.


Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have to show how the sources complemented each other to substantiate your argument. Lastly, and most important, is the structure of your research paper. Make sure your research materials are integrated well so that you do not have numerous sources to put on every single aspect of your argument. Source referencing is difficult to master; however, you will begin to get better results with time, experience, and practice.


How to find out the main point of your research

These days, there are a lot of sources that you could use as starting points when learning how to begin research paper. You can use the main points and support information from three different sources: data, texts, or interviews.


how to begin research paper

You can have a general idea of the main point for something more specific, like a book report, but it’s time to dish out details for a more in-depth research report. The six main points to consider are: Who wrote it? When did it take place? Where was it published? What’s the title of the book? The author’s full name? What is the book about? Here’s how:

  1. Go through the pages of your chosen database and look at book title, author name, full name, publication information & categories.
  2. Check if that’s enough to describe the book to a sufficient level. Besides, this is a crucial aspect when learning how to begin research paper.
  3. If not, go through the book’s contents and look for terms that reflect your topic.


Example of an introduction to a case study: How to begin research paper


Introducing your research topic and finding the objective of your piece often takes time. The advice in this essay comes from writers who have been put into similar situations before. To successfully launch your paper, keep a few things in mind: focus on the main idea or function of the paper, outline for clarity purposes and make sure you are clear about the structure of your paper now and into the rest of it.


Use an Introduction or a Paragraph to state the highlights or key points within your paper. An introductory sentence is exactly like the ones in the first paragraph of your essay, which introduces the main idea of your paper on a topic as learned from the literature review. It would be best to emphasize your main idea, and this introduction will help you achieve this goal.


Many students tend to rush than they need to in their introduction, a trap that many fall into. The good thing about using this introductory paragraph is that it establishes the topic and main point of the paper right off the bat so that it is not a long build-up to discover your main idea or purpose of the paper.


Your introduction is meant to indicate the general purpose of your paper and should lead the reader into it. This will help your reader get an idea about your main idea and consequently your paper as a whole. Focus on the main point of your introduction to get to that point in no time. If you can’t think of one, take an analytical paper and write the argument from the paper. Follow these steps to perfect your knowledge on how to begin research paper.


how to write a review on article


Find out the main question and do not start the thesis


When checking the references, keep in mind what you already know and want to know more. In general, research begins with a thesis that identifies the underlying problem and what needs to be found out. A good thesis will usually take on the tone of the research question, so make it clear up-front. As a rule of thumb on thesis, an introduction will typically appear at the beginning, and it’s best if you can have between five and fifteen references.


A quote or two is good, too. But keep in mind that the level of detail in the references should match your understanding of your subject. Besides, it would be best to say this at the beginning of your study. If you don’t use specific details, your readers will not believe you knew something. It means that if you don’t know how to cite a reference, then ask someone else.

Learn essential basics in writing from various tutorials on our website. For example, you can learn the difference between APA and MLAhow to write a good essayhow to write a thesis statementhow to stop procrastinationchoosing a persuasive essay topic, the explanatory synthesis essay, and many more.

Guidelines on writing an essay: How many paragraphs should you have?


Your thesis statement will probably appear in the first paragraph and perhaps the second. Entire essays may also be structured in this way. The thesis statement is a strong assertion about the position you’re to defend, and it should be brief. Do not write several sections of an essay to support your assertion, and do not defend a position in more than one paragraph.


A summary works well as a conclusion to your introduction. If you make your statement as formulaic as possible, it will usually be rejected. Use specific examples when presenting your thesis statement. As your introduction, state concisely the purpose of your essay and explain how it differs from competition essays or any other frequently answered question.


The introduction also serves as a good place to tell the reader what you’re going to discuss. Tell them what you’ll be exploring in this paper and give a preview of what you’ll find. Avoid the common trap of starting with the topic and then trying to state your thesis.


how to begin research paper

How to organize when learning how to begin research paper


The first thing to do when learning how to begin research paper is to take your notes off of whatever source you will be using. Decide on the categories of notes: broad topic, detailed topics, research questions, thesis statement, introduction and background information, main argument, or what you’ll find in secondary sources.


Begin ordering your paper by these categories, and then organize the rest accordingly. You will learn why this method works and how it is essential for critical examiners trying to create a thoughtful product. The long-hand method of organizing research papers is only beneficial for writers who view their work as scrambled eggs.


Get rid of your twenty-word outline. One of many important choices when learning how to begin research paper is getting rid of the part of your research paper that you make should be crisp and concise in the long run. This paper will not be over-packed with references.


Writing the Conclusion: How to begin research paper


Now that a significant amount of research has been done with the introduction and conclusion providing the paper with some depth, it is time to consider the next writing phase. It is important to remember that it should not merely state what you have already said throughout the paper when writing your conclusion. Instead, it should prove why your statement is interesting.


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