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How to write an essay example

Looking for the write an essay example? What is write an essay example? Recently, many students have been wondering about the value of essay writing and where it falls into their work. Here at, we offer a service to help give you entire mastery of essay writing in literally three steps: submit your custom dissertation, annotate it before giving it back to you, and finally proofread the work you’ve done with a pro!

Write an Essay Example: Essay Writing Process

An academic essay refers to the focused piece of writing that aims to come up with an idea or argument by utilizing evidence, analysis, and interpretation. When learning about how to write an essay example, a student needs to know the different types of essays.

An analytical essay is perfect for an advanced student who wants to dive deeper into the essay idea, a persuasive essay implies that he or she makes a claim. So when deciding on a topic for your essay, keep in mind the type of essay you`re writing. But, remember that the essay outline or guide is compulsory. The research essay’s job is to reveal the truth of a problem in a text.

A narrative essay tells a story step by step or explores an occurrence deeply. Besides, a narrative essay is similar to a simple five-paragraph essay, considering that it has the same format. You can understand more about narrative essays using our write an essay example.

A critique essay contains the necessary pieces of advice to improve the text analyzed.

A persuasive piece should contain a compelling argument for an idea and is referred to as a persuasive essay.

The essay writing process is made up of three main stages:

1. Preparation: This step entails deciding on your topic, doing your research, and creating an essay outline.

2. Writing: This step entails setting out your argument in the introduction, developing it with arguments backed with evidence, and then supporting those arguments with evidence in your body paragraphs.

3. Revision: This step entails checking the content, organization, grammar, spelling, and formatting of your essay.


write an essay example


Ways we help make essay writing easy: Write an essay example

We at our office provide students with three different services that may be perfect for you.

One: a free quote to help liven your coursework. This service takes one or two days, depending on the complexity of the paper and if it is an assignment for which grades are due back the next day.

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Preparation for writing an essay

Before you begin your writing process, you must ensure to have a clear vision of the things you are going to say. This will help you in crafting the proper arguments to support your ideas and perspectives. Read carefully on the topic you would like to write about before starting. These are some of the vital steps to follow when preparing to write your essay:

1. Understand your assignment:

To make this writing process effective, you must first be able to identify the assignment or topic that you are asked to write about. This will put your writing on a clear path.

2. Define a topic:

If you’re allowed to pick an essay topic, you’re advised to work on only one aspect at a time, so that you can fully understand your topic. It is suggested to choose a topic, write two or three paragraphs on it and give a vivid description of your idea.

3. Decide which type of essay you’ll write about:

There are two types of essay topics: extract or critical. Effectively, a “critical” essay usually calls for a different point of view, which is often valued more highly. This genre presents questions that require your opinion on a subject or issue. “Extract” essay, be sure to accurately understand who, what and where your topic is about.

4. Do your research:

Make sure that you can research your topic, the meaning of which is crucial for successful essay writing. An array of university subject libraries, encyclopedias, and periodicals are also a great way to discover some more information about your topic.

5. Make a note of the main points of your essay:

Do silly mistakes also matter? Yes. They do. It is beyond wrong to not apply the needed amount of attention to a poorly written essay, be more attentive when writing assignments, and never lose sight of what is at the end of your quest for knowledge.

6. Come up with a thesis:

The thesis must be the controlling factor of your essay, guiding every word that you should write about and helping you to avoid random wandering.

7. Keep the goal of your essay in focus:

Once you start writing, set a goal that stops you from exploring all topics available. A long discussion, an exhaustive list of literature, unprofessional analysis or a weak analysis, shallow arguments: try to choose carefully the most important points and then a few of your opinions and clearest arguments, put them in your thesis paragraph.

8. Create an outline:

Come up with a rough structure for your essay. The first sentence creates the context, then you can start with the first thematic area, which is closely related to it. Then you continue with the second point of relevance, and so on. Get more “write an essay example” insights from us at affordable rates.

9 . Develop themes and personal comments:

Of course, doing it in the same order will not satisfy your reader. Understand this or not, we should always form our main points in the organization dictated so that people can easily follow them and appreciate their logical development.

10. Suit the structure to your knowledge:

For example, if you don’t know something or feel insufficiently informed, do not fill it with the latest events. Do not hook on to the main items of what is happening, if you feel that it is a sign of poor information and lack of readiness.


write an essay example


Write an Essay Example: Writing the Introduction

The introduction establishes your essay’s tone. It sets up or engages, your essay. It should grab the reader’s interest and inform them about what’s to come. A good introductory paragraph is always a pleasure to read. Besides, an introduction should not exceed 10-20% of your entire text. The following are some basics to follow when writing your introduction:

1. Hook your reader

The first sentence of the introduction needs to attract the reader’s interest and curiosity. This is a call to action. It needs to be emotional, impersonal, or even angry— whatever will grab your reader’s attention: When people are tired of passing their days, they turn to me. I am curiosity personified. When things pace or canter along as normal, they are like a foundered horse. Give me a new direction, and I am off to find a new path.

If you want the reader to keep your letter, they have to like you! Make them want to read on. Always make sure that the first sentence asks a question, or expresses interest: For example, cigarettes have oftentimes been called man’s most dangerous friend. Either way, you look at it, the smoker is in a pickle.

2. Provide background on your topic

It is helpful to give context that will help your reader understand your argument and the importance of your point. In this way, you can get an increased readership by making a catchy title like “Everybody wants to be happy but when we try to change our views, it is sometimes easier said than done.” Make them laugh. If a bright idea got under your skin then scroll down to the comment section and read the best of these funny under the water jokes that you will never forget.

No one ever gets your jokes, but that’s apart from this comment section. For those who want to make a good impression on the world and want to mingle in the upper echelon of society, this kind of humor is also very catching. Get more insights on write an essay example from us for highly effective and quality services.

3. Present the thesis statement

Next, you need to formulate your thesis statement. As we all know, the thesis statement is an elevator; it is your first destination after you state enthusiasm about your central idea. Writing it like a downer is simply discourteous. As such, you will quickly bounce off. However, writing a thesis statement that energizes is impeccable.

For instance, if you state that “Uber is disrupting the global economy” in quotes directly from a business magazine, this sort of writing is likely to get you scorned by the general public for it being pretentious (unless of course if you’re a self-made billionaire known as Travis Kalanick).

However, you can still write an excellent thesis statement such as saying “Uber is an American global transportation network platform” in a more humble ‘persuasive’ manner. After that, you must place the supporting factors and convincing evidence beneath your thesis statement.

4. Map the structure

In longer essays, you can end the introduction by briefly describing the “Structure of your essay”. Even though this is optional, it’s a good idea to end it all. For the structure, the simplest thing to do is simply describe the major structure of your essay. Under this write out how many paragraphs, what the topics are, and how you’ll support your thesis. It’ll take no more than 5 words or less to describe your essay’s structure.


write an essay example


Write an Essay Example: Writing the Main Body

This is the section where you make arguments supporting your thesis, provide evidence, and develop your ideas. Its primary role is to present, interpret, and analyze the information and sources assembled to back your argument. The following are factors to consider when writing the body of your essay:

1. Length of the body text

The length of the body usually relies on the essay type. It is different for an argumentative essay to present an analysis of childhood obesity, while drafting may just have a couple of pages. Center your essay on your position…For example, when learning how to write an essay example, a high school essay could have only three paragraphs. However, this is different for a graduate school essay of approximately 6,000 words, whose body section should take up 8–10 pages.

2. Paragraph structure

To give your essay a clear structure, it is highly recommendable that you organize it into paragraphs. Mainly, you can recognize paragraphs by the paragraph lines and their indentation. Each idea is introduced in a topic sentence in a paragraph. These paragraphs have a general opinion on a certain topic and then another.

Let’s take a look at an example: A typical paragraph structure isn’t that easy to recognize at all! To write a good graduate school essay, you don’t necessarily have to do it this way. It’s fine if you prefer to use paragraphs that look like this:/P”Macbeth/ /is highly loaded with dark. /It is a powerful play. The drama /has many gruesome scenes, but the story is. It has the main narrative that. Macbeth/ starts out making a plan to murder his…

After writing each topic sentence, followed by presenting evidence such as data, examples, or quotes obtained from reliable sources. Make certain to decipher and clarify the proof, and show how it fosters your general contention. In other words, help yourself out by making an outline for each paragraph.

For more information on “write an essay example,” do not hesitate to reach us.

Write an Essay Example: Writing the Conclusion

It is the final paragraph of an essay. Like the introduction, the conclusion should generally take up no more than 10–15% of the entire essay. A robust essay conclusion should have the following key components:

1. Retariates your thesis
2. combines together the main points in your essay
3. Reaffirms why your arguments are relevant


Most importantly, an excellent conclusion should finish with a memorable or impactful sentence leaving the reader with a strong last impression and the desire to read more. The best way to map out what you will say in the conclusion is by answering the following questions: What was the thesis of my argument? What are the main points I want to make in this conclusion? Could I use other researchers’ points as well to build my arguments? Can I repeat some information that is already assumed before?


write an essay example


How do I get started with an essay from

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