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Article summery EBP and John Hopkins apprasal?

Article Summary & John Hopkins Appraisal Tool

Students are required to submit an evidence based article summary on one of the diagnoses encountered in a SOAP note. The article should be assessed for evidence and quality level using one of the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Appraisal Tools (links below). The important information should be synthesized and the student should explain how this either reinforces what they did in clinical or how it might change the care or plan of care that was provided. Refer to which SOAP note you are using (or attach), and attach a copy of the article, the appraisal tool and your assessment of the article. Use the checklist from the site below to assess the quality of the evidence presented in the article. NOTE: the article or guideline should be recent (preferably the within the past 2 years and not more than 5 years old).

Original Research Article or Meta-analysis Appraisal Tool:

Non-Research Article Evidence Based Practice Appraisal Tool:

I have added the soap note for the EBP and please complete the John Hopkins appraisal form and the summary as stated aboved.

Thank You

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