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Clash of Civilizations and Post-Colonialism

Please answer the following three questions 

What is the key question(s) that post-colonial theory asks?

Question 1 options:

What are the sources of class conflict? 

How is patriarchy reproduced?

How does the media perpetuate stereotypical images of out-groups?

How does society cohere and function together?

Question 2 options:

What is Said’s critique of Huntington’s conceptualization of “civilization”?

Huntington’s notion of culture is a gross over-generalization that does not take into account the internal complexity and permeability.

Huntington’s notion of cultural groupings sealed off from one another is correct.

Huntingon’s concept is correct since it is based off extensive surveys conducted worldwide.

Huntington is right to see culture as a “toolbox” that can be use to direct social action.

Question 3 options:

In the documentary about Edward Said, what does conflating all of Islam into the category of terrorism do (minutes 15-16)?

Provides the watcher with a better understanding of reasons why terror occurs.

It takes away the humanity and tremendous diversity of people living there.

It provides fruitful entertainment for Western consumers.

It adequantely depicts the inevitable clash of civilizations between the West and Islam

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