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I need a rough draft and a completed paper

I need 1 and 3 assignment in 40 hours. You can give me other assignment in 5 days. I can give you some extra tips.

1. Rough Draft:

Upload a rough draft of at least 2 pages that has you start to look at the questions and dilemmas you want to explore in a specific text. The beginning should have ideas of claims, arguments, and complexity. You want to try and impress me with thinking beyond the basics of the text. (Just delete some paragraphs from your completed paper. But don’t make it looks too fragmented. I need this assignment in 40 hours.)

2. I need a completed paper of at least 4 pages.

Paper Prompt:

Using one of the texts from Le Guin, Atwood, or Wolff, write a conversation that you have in response to that text. The conversation can be in a genre of your choosing, but you should be moving towards an academic tone with correct MLA citations in this assignment.

You must use evidence from the text to ask questions, define issues, question dilemmas, or pose alternatives. We’ll be focusing on skills of summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting as we start to interact, interrogate, and investigate. The main focus of this conversation is that there is a clear asking and answering around the text and that a clear argument emerges even if it is implicit.

3. Summarize, Paraphrase, and Quote

Pick a paragraph from Wolff’s reading for today and paste it at the top of the document. Then, I want you to make a claim about this paragraph and integrate a summary. Then, make another claim and integrate it as a paraphrase. Then, make another claim and integrate it as a quote. You should have three paragraphs that show your ability to summarize, paraphrase, and quote and understanding the difference between the three. Upload the document here. (I need at least 1 page. I need this assignment in 40 hours.)

4. Reflection:

Reflect on the reading and writing you’ve done this week. What was difficult? What was easy? What was unexpected? What did you learn about your writing process and/or writing skills? Write at least three paragraphs exploring your writing. (I need at least 1 page.)…by Ursula LeGuin…by Margaret Atwood…by Rebecca Wolff

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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