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I need help Correcting my paper for Fundamentals of Networking

Attached is my paper I have also attached the original template that the teacher wants to be followed.


You have been hired as part of the networking team at UMUC. After completing orientation and training, your manager calls you into a meeting to discuss your first project.

The university has recently leased a single building in Adelphi, Maryland. The building will house faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, a library, and computer labs. Security is important for UMUC, as the university must protect students’ and employees’ data, as well as any intellectual property that UMUC has on its servers and computers. As a result, IT management would like to take the time to review proposals on how best to move forward on security issues. As a junior network engineer, you have been asked to prepare a network proposal on how to set up a secure network infrastructure in the newly leased building to support university operations. The network proposal will require three submissions covering network design, network addressing and security, and network customization and optimization.


You made a good effort and the first and most important thing I must say is do not be discouraged by the score. You are one revision from a passing score. As noted in the announcement, you must be sure to provide a scholarly or professional support in your justification. In this submission you did not use the proposed template and simply did not include in viable detailed justifications for any of the proposed technologies you selected. When you revise your paper keep in mind your justifications should not just a basic cited source, but a solidification of your thoughts you present. So when you see your low score, its because you did not do this element here. Your justifications cannot simply be simply stating what the technology is, but a justification as if someone asked you why and asked you to explain it. So it is more work, but something that can be done in a single revision. Be sure to review the rubric in detail, see what it says about justifications in each section and how little the score is without proper justification.


  • Use the attached original template as a guide.
  • Include at least five scholarly references in each of the three submissions. Thus a total of fifteen scholarly references will be included. Students may find scholarly sources by visiting UMUC’s library and online sources. Students will also include other credible sources as appropriate.
  • Use IEEE-style citations. We do not use APA or MLA-style citations. Students should contact UMUC’s Effective Writing Center for assistance.
  • Use proper terminology and expand acronyms in each paragraph they are used. For example, the first time in a paragraph an acronym is used it should be expanded (e.g., University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Thereafter, and as long as you are in the same paragraph, the acronym (e.g., UMUC) can be used. When starting a new paragraph, the rule begins anew.
  • The use of figures and diagrams is encouraged. Students will properly cite the figures and diagrams according to the IEEE-style citation

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