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paragraph responding to the discussion bellow- Paragraph 4

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

There are many problems affecting the
delivery of health services around the globe. Nursing research provides the
will to reduce issues affecting nurses and patients in the healthcare setting.
However, little or no research have been carried out towards creating awareness
of such issues. The spread of diseases occurs as a result of negligence of the
importance of hand hygiene in the hospital setting. Most germs that cause
serious germs in the healthcare is because healthcare providers clean their
hands less than half the time they should which have led to the spread of
healthcare associated infections that affects 1 in 25 hospital patients daily
(CDC, 2017).

The one problem in healthcare settings that
needs to be researched is hand hygiene. Healthcare providers and patients are
at risk of getting infected by germs. In 2002, CDC reported an approximate of
1.8 million infections and close to 100, 000 associated each year in America
alone due to hospital-acquired infection. It is our duty as nurses to care for
patients during admissions and provide safety by preventing the spread of
infections through hand hygiene. This is an alarming issue that calls for
further research on measures to put in place in order to address the problem
associated with poor hand hygiene in healthcare settings. Though many
studies has addressed this issue, there are still gaps that need to be filled
by further research.


Center for Disease control and prevention
(2017). Clean Hands Count for Safe Healthcare. Retrieved

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