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Reflection & Discussion week 5

Specific Learning Topics:

  • Understand importance around Change Management
  • Learn about Stakeholder Analysis

What’s due:

  • Read the below concept overviews
  • Journal Article Review
  • Discussion (one main post and two peer replies)

Change Management:

Most all projects have impacts that will require a degree of change management; which is often defined as two separate things: 1) how people are impacted by a change and 2) the change request/administration process. For the people side of change, project team members need to navigate how changes impact the day-to-day lives of stakeholders and may even find resistance to changes; thus causing additional efforts of the team to actively work to identify these resistors and determine how to overcome such. The change request process is the portion of change management where we track scope or other changes to the project, gain appropriate approvals, and amend the project. Take a moment to search the web for articles related to project change management. In addition read the article in the Week 5 folder and watch the following videos related to Change Management:

Stakeholder Analysis:

Stakeholders are defined as all individuals or groups who have a role in the project and can potentially impact, either positively or negatively, its deployment. Stakeholders can be either internal or external. Internal stakeholders are those within your organization, whereas external stakeholders are those outside your organization. It is also important to consider stakeholders who may not be actively working on your project. For example, an environmental group may not directly work on your project but could impose restrictions which could impact the project success. A project team will perform a stakeholder analysis in order to classify stakeholders appropriately. Further, this will let you know when and how to best communicate the project status, issues, etc to the appropriate stakeholder groups.

Click below to watch a brief video about stakeholder analysis:……

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