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Report of controlled or uncontrolled vocabulary

1. Explore the following controlled vocabularies from Getty and Library of Congress:

The Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT):

Union List of Artists Names (ULAN):

Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN):

Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I, Subject Terms (TGM 1):

Library of Congress Authorities:

2. Explore controlled vocabulary use in the image database called ARTstor:

ARTstor is using the Union List of Artist Names, the Thesaurus of Geographic Names and the Art & Architecture Thesaurus from the Getty Trust, and the Library of Congress Name Authority File.

3. Examine which controlled/uncontrolled vocabulary schemes are used for subject description in your chosen digital repositories. Do some searches and examine the object and associated subject terms. You also might want to search the controlled vocabulary schemes listed above for the subject terms used by your digital repositories. This might help you ascertain if your digital repositories utilize a certain vocabulary scheme (e.g., LCSH, AAT). Check to see if the subject access mechanism is introduced in the overview of your chosen digital repositories.

4. Report on your experiences, thoughts, and impressions on controlled or uncontrolled vocabulary use in your digital repositories (1-2 single spaced pages). Tie together your thoughts and ideas gained from lecture notes, and from your exploration of the above listed controlled vocabulary schemes, and from searching the ARTstor database. List all the controlled vocabulary schemes (e.g., LCSH, AAT, ULAN, TGN, TGM, domain-specific controlled vocabularies/thesauri, or uncontrolled key words) in your digital repositories.

In your report, include URLs (your digital repositories) and actual retrieved metadata item records (2 or 3) showing subject description (i.e., vocabulary use). This assignment document (report and item records)

I included the digital repositories in the attachment please check it and additional information from lecture.

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