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Research on Physical Health, Aging and Sociology Disc. – Discussion 3

This week, you’ll explore the sociological research on physical aging by visiting the library to search for a scholarly (sometimes referred to as primary) research article to summarize and share with your peers. Be sure your article is a) a scholarly research article, b) sociological in focus (may be published in an interdisciplinary journal), AND c) focused on physical health in older adulthood (65+). You’ll be in the same group as the last discussion. You must post before you can see other’s posts.

For your post (click the reply button below), summarize the key concepts and findings gained from the study you selected. (Bonus if you identify the theory informing the research and the type of research design they used!) Be sure to discuss how the findings might be used to improve the lives of older adults (e.g. programs, policies, practices, etc.); be specific. Provide an APA style reference for the article at the end of your post. Be sure to double-check computer-generated references, if you use them, as they often have errors! PS: Please write abut 10-11 sentences para

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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