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i need to understand this question critical thinking is needed

1- Question here is the key concept i need to be define Key concepts: Nation-state; sovereignty; nationalism; diplomacy; hard power; soft power; state as an autonomous actor; state as a process (liberal view); foreign policy; foreign policy actors; Pacta sunt servanda; treaty; customary law; jus cogens; International Court of Justice (ICJ); International Criminal Court (ICC); Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1968); UDHR and its 1966 Covenants IGOs; NGOs; functionalism; global governance; world government; League of Nations; United Nations (UN); UN Security Council; UN General Assembly.# USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND USE: to help me understand, use critical thinking skills.

2-Samuel P. Huntington. 1993. The Clash of Civilizations? Foreign Affairs. Vol. 72, No. 3 (Summer, 1993). pp. 22-49.
Published by: Council on Foreign Relations. Available DOI: 10.2307/20045621. Also available at
o Note: This is a widely shared and highly debated article that posits a thesis statement that is finding a
lot of echo again in some circles of analysts of and decision-makers in world politics.

# First write short answer for the question then use critical thinking when reading the article of Samuel P.Huntington. 500 Short nice format essay.

2Q-o What are “civilizations” according to Huntington? What makes up a civilization in his view? What are
the major civilizations that he identifies?

o Does he defend an integrative view of the world or a world of conflicts?

o From these premises, what can you infer as far as Huntington’s ethical tradition and theoretical school
of thought?

o Why does a war/conflict among civilizations seem inevitable?

o What is the current position of the “Western civilization” in his view?

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