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Outdoor Environments

it is important that children are afforded opportunities to engage in meaningful outdoor playtime. “Research indicates that children who play outdoors demonstrate better visual motor integration, imagination, and verbal and social skills than children who play inside” (Yerkes, 1982, as quote by Bullard, 2014, pg. 360). For this reason, it is important that caregivers create quality outdoor spaces for those children in their care. For this post, you will first research grants available to assist with outdoor spaces through KorKat’s website, The Ultimate List of Playground Grants and Fundraisers (Links to an external site.).

Then, you will use the following scenario to develop a plan for your outside space:

Imagine you are applying for one of the grants you researched. Write a 200- to 250-word proposal describing what you envision for your outdoor environment. Provide the following information:

  1. Identify the grant you would most likely apply for and explain why.
  2. Describe the type of playground you envision and provide a rationale for your choices (use table 17.1 in your text).
  3. Discuss the S.A.F.E. (supervision, age appropriateness, fall surfacing, and equipment maintenance) precautions you must take into consideration and how this grant money would assist you in meeting these guidelines.
  4. Describe how you, as the caregiver, will utilize this space with your children (e.g. how often, how will you interact with them, what developmental domains will be enhanced and why, etc.) and why providing this wonderful outdoor environment for your children is so important.

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