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PJM330 Effective Project Scheduling and Control simulation discusson forum

Once a tutor has been
assigned I will give specific instructions as to how to access the
simulation required to complete the assignment.


  • Chapter 1, Section 1.1, 1.14; Chapter 11 in Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling
  • Part 1: Chapters 1, 3, & 5 in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)


Notes from the professor:
Hello Class,

This simulation is a chance to apply the concepts of project
management to a project situation. Please understand that this is a
learning opportunity, so reach out with questions whenever you have
them. With that said, don’t take the simulation too lightly. It is what
your final paper and Weeks 1-7 simulation discussion forum are based on.
It is about 35% of your total grade in the course.

Here is how the grade for the simulation is broken out:

  • Complete all scenes: 5 pts
  • Decision making: 40 pts
  • Read all mail: 5 pts
  • Read all documents: 5 pts
  • Schedule Timeline: 25 pts
  • % of Budget utilized: 15 pts
  • Budget requests: 5 pts

I will provide more insights every week, but please utilize this
forum for questions or even use it as a “journal” of actions. Here are
some suggestions from previous students in the PJM 330 course:

  • Make a list or matrix of your team members, roles they have, etc. This will help identify documents by sender
  • Take notes on each question you answer and the justification it
    gives you on your score. It helps addressing Lessons Learned later.
  • Read all documents and clearly understand requirements/outcomes.
    Your documents already give you some of the answers to your decisions.
  • If you have a question, ask it. Nothing is answered if you don’t use the forum.
  • My peers used the same simulation, so I should ask them why they
    are doing choices (note: you are all taking the same simulation – so
    discuss your actions or questions)
  • Use the textbook or PMBOK as your basis – do not rely on what you have seen in the field.
  • Don’t get caught up with the fact it is software based – the
    project is rooted in PM principles. If I was confused on something, I
    asked the instructor.

Sim Discussion (15 points)


The simulation you are completing as part of your Portfolio Project
is used to apply your expanding knowledge of project management. In
Weeks 1-6 you will participate in a discussion about your experiences
with the simulation; altogether, your participation in these discussions
is worth 90 points of the 350-point project, so it is important that
you engage in the weekly conversations. You need to complete these simulations and discussions regardless of which Portfolio Project option you select.

In this Week 1 Sim Discussion, share your experiences with accessing the simulation and completing the Introduction material. Make sure to include specific details about your interaction with the material in the simulation.

If you have questions about aspects of the simulation, from
navigating the user interface to suggestions for making decisions, use
this discussion to get insights from your peers. Look for opportunities
to help classmates with any issues they may be experiencing.

Be sure to submit an initial, substantive post by Thursday at 11:59
p.m. MST and respond to one or more peers with substantive responses by
Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MST. A substantive initial post demonstrates
mastery knowledge of concepts, skills, and theories relevant to the
simulation topic. A substantive peer response demonstrates mastery
knowledge of simulation content and connection with the other student.

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