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Read Ch. 9 of Anatomy, Physiology & Disease (input 80 words)…


Review the resources and links in the Brain and Nerves section on the MedlinePlus website.

Discuss your thoughts (80 words)


week one reserve videos( 80 word on each)

(there is three at the bottom of the page under multimedia)


Review the Nervous System section of the Better Health Channel website.

Discuss your thoughts (80 words)…


80 words on input for everything from this week as a whole


((Seperate doc please))

Resources: Use your internet browser to search for poster templates.

Imagine you have been asked to give a presentation at a conference for coders and billers. You have decided to create posters to hang around the room as visual aids as you lead your presentation.

You will create 260 word posters

Week One: Nervous system

Think of your audience when writing your poster; make it informative as well as visually appealing.

Create an informative poster for your presentation.

Address the following in the poster:

Identify the body system.

Describe the basic structure and function of the body system.

Explain the importance of the nervous system to the different body systems.

You may choose to connect this discussion to systems learned in Anatomy & Physiology I.

Use information found in diagrams/charts located in this week’s reading.

Describe two common diseases that affect the nervous system.

Identify the major providers that would treat a patient with the disease discussed above.

Identify the recommended lab tests for the disease identified above.

Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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