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[2000 words] Hunger and Poverty and Environment

write minimum 2000 words based on the instructions

1. Please provide information on domestic hunger including the statistics and impact using the website below, including the history, background, and key statistics. (250 to 500 words).

Domestic Hunger and Poverty

2. Please provide information on hunger and poverty in California, specifically focusing on Santa Clara County and San Jose State University using the resources below. (250 to 500 words)……

3. After reviewing the link below, please review the steps that were taken by different agencies with regards to the COVID-19 situation at a national and local level. (250 words)

Information about Disaster Responsibilities…

4. Please review what should happen after a disaster and reflect on what was done or what you should think should be done based on your own research with references on both a national and local level with the goal of avoiding food insecurity, homelessness, or exacerbation of poverty and powerlessness. (250 to 500 words)


Part A: Choose agencies where you would like to volunteer: (250 words) The agency is chose below.…

The agency’s name. santa clara county senior nutrition program

The mission statement and objective of the agency.

Why and how the agency started

Who funds the agency including donations, monetary contributions and volunteer hours?

How long has it been operating in the area and how it originated?

What the target population is and the social and cultural concerns that affect the way the agency operates.

How the projects of the agency impact the nutritional status of the target population (make sure you include the agency’s programs in this section). If the program does not directly deal with nutrition, how does it empower the person to be able to feed themselves (i.e. job training allows you to afford food).

Part B: Please provide a second national non-profit agency that has assisted in the COVID-19 outbreak or other national disasters and provide the same information above for that agency. (250 words)

6. Your Own Reflections

How does the information from this paper impact your perception of Domestic Hunger vs. World Hunger? You will need to provide specific information from class to support your answers from a world hunger standpoint.

How do disasters exacerbate poverty and powerlessness including your specific experience with COVID-19? Feel free to use personal or firsthand experiences.

Lastly, how do disasters, like COVID-19 impact the nutritional status of the individuals. You will need to provide specific information from the sections on nutrition, the food system, or the health implications of the food system. You do not need to limit yourself to the COVID-19 situation and you can include both worldwide and domestic disaster situations for this section. Is it possible to empower people in situations like this?

This section should be 500 to 750 words, and please provide references for any cited information.

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