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4.5 pages on Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

Violence seems to be the main theme of “Blood Meridian.” My question to you time and again in the classroom has been why you think this is? Is this McCarthy’s assessment of America, the American West, or all of humanity? Where’s the truth and where’s the beauty in the book? If I were you I’d think about these themes as you read the book.

You also might want to google Cormac McCarthy to see if you can find any answers in any of the many, many, many interviews he’s given. If you go to the library database there are numerous scholarly articles written about this book. The wiki page isn’t the only source out there, but I will say, the footnotes are worth a look if you’re looking for sources.

You will be writing an essay on this book. It should be about 4.5 pages long, in MLA format. You should have at least 4 outside sources you can use in your essay. Quote as much as you can and cite the sources. In text citation from the book is required.

This is the Book link. Open the link and hit preview.

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