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In “Beyond the Brain,” Luhrmann (2012) challenges the notion that psychiatric disorders are merely disorders of the brain. Luhrmann emphasizes the poor track record of psychotic disorder treatment, especially treatment of schizophrenia. She suggests and provides justification for the idea that many other factors such as sociocultural factors contribute to mental illness and, thus, should be addressed in treatment.

For this Discussion, you consider what you have learned about the use of antipsychotics in treatment and consider ways that treatment might be improved.

By Day 4

Post by Day 4 your perspective on what has been inappropriate or ineffective about how antipsychotics have been used in treatment. Include issues such as appropriate diagnosis, dosages, and informed consent regarding side effects, and sociocultural factors in prescribing. Suggest two strategies that you might use to address one or more of these problems, explaining why these strategies might help.

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