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Behavioral Psychology – find 5 resources and APA summary

The role of the social worker in modifying the process of decision making through using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I am doing a research and I need finding the literature review matching to my topic – for example (studies for clients who use cognitive behavioral therapy to modify their decision making, studies found the client’s fear let them chose wrong decisions, the high expectation that done in the client’s mind end with taking wrong decisions…). These are an example of studies I am looking for.

Please can you find literature resources (especially journal articles), provide them as a reference bibliography and then summarize the articles with APA references?

I had looked for one literature review ( ) you can have a look and use the references from there, but don’t use it as a reference itself.

Please five references (journal articles/studies) as least 🙂

Thank you :)!

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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