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business finance – operations management

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APA Format

12 point Times New Roman Font

6 Pages, not including the cover page or references

MUST HAVE an abstract and conclusion

Need 3 additional sources

Please focus on the German Insurance Industry that the article is about. Use the other articles to strengthen the case study about them.

Unit 2

Submit a 6-page descriptive case study utilizing the article below on the German insurance industry, the text book, and two academic or peer-reviewed sources. The title and references pages do not count towards the page count. Conduct additional research on the insurance industry in Germany to identify and evaluate the organizational environment as each feature relates to corporate governance, line management, and portfolio management. Conduct additional research on ART instruments and select one based on utility and value that would fit in the industry. Assess the current role of data and technology in strategy development. Demonstrate the linkages between risk analytics and stakeholders.

Altuntas, M., Berry-stölzle, T.,R., & Hoyt, R. E. (2011). Implementation of enterprise risk management: Evidence from the German property-liability insurance industry. Geneva Papers on Risk & Insurance, 36(3), 414-439. doi:…

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