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CSIT120 onenote

Course objectives met:
7. contrast the uses of technology for solving global problems;
13. research the technologies used by under privileged groups;
Grading Rubric:
Globalization – answer, article title, summary, citation 4
Health and medicine – answer, article title, summary, citation, NGO name & URL 5
Education – answer, article title, summary, citation, NGO name & URL 5
New section and pages created correctly, shared correctly 1
Total Points 15
Required Readings:
Review the Globalization Learning Module in Blackboard.
1. Globalization –…
2. Health and Medicine –
3. Education –
4. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) –…
1. Open your One Note notebook.
a) Create a new section named Globalization 2 Assignment.
b) Create the following THREE (3) pages in this section: Globalization, Health and
Medicine, Education.
2. Provide the following for EACH page created in 1.b) above:
a) Answer the question based on the readings. You must use the content in the
readings to answer the questions. (75-100 words per question).
i. Globalization. “IT is a driving factor in the process of globalization.” Explain.
ii. Health and Medicine. Discuss at least two (2) information technology
applications in health and medicine mentioned in the reading.
iii. Education. “IT offers especially valuable educational opportunities for poor
people in developing countries.” Discuss at least two (2) ways mentioned in the
b) Find a journal article for each page created in 1.b) above that discusses this topic.
i. Write the name of the article in bold and underline.
ii. Summarize this article. (100-200 words).
iii. Provide a citation for this article.
c) Find a website of an NGO for the Health & Medicine and Education pages that
work in this area.
i. Write the name of the NGO in bold and underline.
ii. Include the URL for this NGO’s website.
3. Submit the shareable link for your notebook through the Blackboard Assignment tool.

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