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Evaluate Nursing Interventions

Given a series of nursing interventions, conduct a focused assessment to evaluate each intervention for timeliness, accuracy, safety, best practice, and relevance.

Step 1. Introduction (2-3 paragraphs)
Watch the four nursing intervention videos on the following pages. Document your initial thoughts about the accuracy of each skill performed.

Step 2. Complete the Evaluation of Skill Performance Chart (4-8 pages)
Then use the chart below to evaluate each intervention performed and determine if and how the nurse breached standard nursing practice. Step 3. Conclusion (4-5 paragraphs)
Based on your observation and reflections, identify the most common errors that occurred during nursing skill performance. Are the errors a lack of skill training? Are they compliance issues? Are they organization issues? Support your conclusion with specific examples from the videos and references for skill and nursing intervention.

References for skill and nursing intervention can be found using the following search engines: CINAHL, Medline, or Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition. You may also refer to the resources provided in the Learning App on timeliness, accuracy, safety, best practice, and relevance.

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