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Functions of an EOC and an ICS



Federal Emergency Management Agency. (n.d.). ICS Resource Center: Glossary of related terms. Retrieved from…


In your main post:

  • Describe a scenario in which an EOC and an ICS is required.
  • Compare the characteristics shared between an EOC and an ICC. Use your scenario to provide examples of similarities.
  • Contrast the characteristics that differ between an EOC and ICC. Again, use your scenario to provide examples of differences.
  • Analyze the role the NIMS could play in a similar scenario.
  • Identify conditions that would make the NIMS part of the scenario.



For this discussion you will review the four phases of emergency planning. With all the details and issues you have learned and presented over the past few weeks, this week we are asking you to zero in on a top priority for each phase and describe how you would evaluate them. Planning is necessary, but to ensure that planning is moving in the most effective direction, critical assessment and evaluation of your own and others’ ideas is required if your planning is to be successful. As you watched the video in this unit’s studies, Principles of Emergency Management: Planning and Coordination, you may have noticed that all the comments were filtered through the individual’s needs and point of view. An emergency manager has a big job with many relationships to manage!


For your main post:

  1. Propose a potential critical incident scenario for which you might be doing the emergency planning.
  2. Point out the top priority issue that you feel is necessary for planning for this emergency in each one of the four phases.
  3. Explain how you would evaluate each of your priorities.
  4. Describe the criteria you would use to be assured that the priorities you have chosen for each phase truly are important, effective priorities.

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