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Observation #3: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD

The focus of this observation is children ages (6 – 11) – grades kindergarten through grade 5 or 6). Due to the pandemic, creativity may enable an excellent experience. A 30 minute observation in an elementary school setting (should one be possible), a virtual elementary school experience, an After School-age Child Care program, a community class, etc.. The environments of Middle Childhood are varied, and students should consider ages of interest. The years kindergarten through grades 1 – 3 are often referred to as early elementary school; and grades 4 – 5 or 6 – upper elementary school.

I have provided below some videos of kids from ages 6-11……

this is required to be in there………


The Running Record keeps track of everything that happens in a specified time period” (Essa, 2007). “Its purpose lies in the fact that a well written Running Record lets someone else read the description later and visualize the scene or events as it is recorded” (Carter, 2009).

When students of child development are given the opportunity to observe children in person, they become able to contrast data learned through readings and media presentations with the actual experience of seeing behaviors and hearing interactions. It is the very best way to develop an understanding of the developmental stages of children.
When performing an observation, it is recommended that 1/2 of the allotted time be used to observe several children of similar age interacting in the environment. This can be followed by a second time frame where “1”child is selected to be observed.

When taking notes for a running record, an observer’s attention is focused only on several children of similar age; or on one child. It might be necessary to reposition oneself in order to see and hear everything. Record in sequence all activity observed, as well as quotations of speech heard. It is recommended that students recall the importance of gathering data on each of the developmental domains: Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Social and Emotional Development. To complete each observation requirement, an essay follows the Running Record, and is composed of a paragraph on each developmental domain. It is requested that only objective statementsbe used. In future child development courses, students may be required to interpret behaviors, and this might lend itself to subjective statements. An objective statement contains only what was seen and heard.


INTRODUCTION: This paragraph describes the observation site. It must include the date, address, and time of visit. Descriptive data on the children in attendance, as well as the inside and outside of the sitemust be included.

DESCRIPTIVE NARRATIVE DETAIL: An important part of the Observation follow-up is the Running Record (see previous screen). To prepare for writing this, review the Observation assignment. It is positive to include time segments, and then the actions seen and the vocalizations heard. The rationale behind this assignment is for students to become familiar with age related characteristics of children at different stages of their development! In the Running Record, be careful to write ONLY what you see and hear. There are to be no interpretations of behaviors/actions!

DEVELOPMENTAL DOMAINS: Create 3 paragraphs in this portion of your paper. There is one paragraph for Physical Development; another paragraph for Cognitive Development; and the third paragraph for Social and Emotional Development. Within each paragraph, the characteristics that you observed and described in the Running Record are contained in the appropriate domain.

CONCLUSION: This paragraph is an evaluation of the Observation. It must include the ways in which the experience contributed to a better understanding of children in a stage of growth and development. An evaluation of your personal experience is an important addition to the value of this paper.

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