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Philosophy writing paper -02

Choose ONE !! of the following on which to write your unit one Essay.

Word count at least 750.

1. Explain the conflict between morality and sympathy, as described by Jonathan Bennett, that Huck Finn, Heinrich Himmler, and Jonathan Edwards all faced. How do these individuals resolve this conflict, according to Bennett? Discuss Phillip Hallie’s criticism of Bennett’s conclusions in light of Hallie’s analysis of cruelty (in both of his articles). Why do you agree or disagree with Hallie’s critique of Bennett?

2. Why do you agree or disagree that the “human values vs. vital values” distinction made by Todorov keeps us from degrading into “brutes” or a “war of all against all?” Do you agree or disagree with Todorov’s view that humans reveal their true selves when they are tortured? What light does Milgram’s experiment shed on this problem? What differing conclusions do Milgram and Todorov come to with regard to human nature?

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