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Reading about human right


Write a essay to explain human rights based on the module resources and your research. Would you please use your own words. 150 word

Review 7.3 Citing Sources for the correct way to cite your sources.

7.3 Citing Sources link-…


your own words the key points of disagreement about what is and what is not considered a fundamental human right in countries worldwide. Explain the main reasons why people, governments, and others disagree about human rights.

use this link-………


Select and research a current event where a government has violated the fundamental human rights of an individual. Then, with your work to present a persuasive statement on what happened, how it violated fundamental human rights, and what should be done to stop the violation and prevent similar breaches from happening in the future. Begin by stating your purpose and then give your suggestions. Make sure to mention the sources you have used to support your opinions and ideas.

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