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Research Case Study Presentation

I need a Keynote presentation for the instructions attached. I have added further directions in the attached instructions in red as well. The instructions below are just to show the assignment. Please read the attached instructions.

Week Two Assignment: Research Case Study Presentation

Assignment Overview

Assignment Goals

  • To understand how to read a judicial opinion
  • To understand the elements of defamation and the corresponding defenses
  • To understand the standard for defamation for public officials/figures v. private persons
  • To develop strategies to avoid using defamatory content in written material


Read the landmark defamation cases, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan and Gertz v. Welch, and create a narrated Keynote presentation (with script).

Questions that need to be addressed in the presentation:

Part I: New York Times v. Sullivan

  • Who are the parties to the case and what facts led to their dispute?
  • Why did Sullivan feel his reputation was damaged by the New York Times publication?
  • What are the elements of defamation (libel)? Since Sullivan was a public official, what did the plaintiff have to prove in this case?
  • What was the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, and why did it make that decision?

Part II: Gertz v. Welch

  • Who are parties to the case? Was the petitioner a private person or public figure?
  • What were the alleged defamatory statements about Gertz in the American Opinion article?
  • What was done to confirm the accuracy of these allegations against Gertz?
  • How do you think these allegations affected Gertz’s reputation?
  • What would you have done differently than Welch to avoid the lawsuit?
  • What is your state’s defamation law? Research your state’s law using this link: State Defamation Law. If your state isn’t listed, conduct an Internet query.
  • How can you relate what you learned from the Sullivan and Gertz cases to your future work in the communications industry?

Strategies for reading and understanding each case: You can stop reading each case once the Court’s opinion has been rendered (i.e., you do not need to read the concurring and dissenting opinions). You may read a short summary of each case (case brief) at: New York Times v. Sullivan Briefand Gertz v. Welch Brief. The case briefs will not contain all of the information you need to answer the above questions, but they will help you understand each case in its simplest form.

Presentation requirements: The presentation should be 7-10 minutes in duration, contain at least 10 slides, and conform to APA standards. You need to include a separate slide at the end of your presentation, which lists all of the outside references you used throughout your presentation (including any pictures).

Script: You need to submit a script of your presentation (contained in a Word document) along with your Keynote presentation. The script should contain all of the narration (word-for-word) for your presentation.

Keynote Tutorials: If you do not know how to create a narrated Keynote presentation, please view the following tutorials, or access the tutorial through the Full Sail library portal:

Keynote overview

Keynote narration

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