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Research essay about "The Fireman’s Wife" by richard Bausch and 4 other resources that i used

Assignment topic : Two to three characters and explain what motivates the actions of each (characterization). Think about what makes up 2-3 characters, and how does their characterizations by the author contribute to the story’s theme.

1800 words 7-8 pages .

“”” The Fireman’s Wife””” by Richard Bausch

Other resources:


Larsen, Michael J. “The Fireman’s Wife.”. Masterplots II: Short Story Series, Revised Edition,

January 2004, 4 Mar. 2020.


Busch, Frederick. Contemporary American Short Fiction. Southern Review, Gale Academic OneFile, 1991. 4 Mar.2020

3)Solomon, Andy, “The Fireman’s Wife And Other Stories”, Chicago Tribune, 29 July 1990. .

4) .

Queenan, Joe, Book Reviews, American Spectator, January 1991.

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