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Strategic Management in Hospitality – Stakeholders

Please write 10 Stakeholders for Hyatt company. I will attach the format of the assignment and a lecture note about stakeholders. Please read them before working on this assignment. There is a definition of Stakeholders and some examples.

It should include a list of your top 10 key stakeholders. Stakeholders should be ranked by level of importance (starting with #1 being the most important). Please include a brief definition of each stakeholder and a description of why each stakeholder is important to your company. This section should be approximately 1 page in length.

DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY from the company website. ANY TYPE OF PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN A SCORE OF 0. Remember that the audience is the Board and Executives who do not need a bunch of company facts.


1 page

Identify, define, and rank your top 10 key stakeholders (1 bullet per stakeholder)

Explain why they are important (be specific to your company).

Overall flow, organization, formatting, following guidelines, grammar, spelling, references, etc.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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