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Topics you need to read from the attached book

The Value of Art

Topics you need to read from the attached book:

Who makes art — Censorship of art (Page 32 to Page 41)

Pushing beyond Traditional Methods – Construction (Page 256 to page 258)

Alternative Media and Processes – Conceptual Art (Page 352 to Page 354)

Borrowing an Image (Page 546 – Page 547)

Censorship of Act: The Nazi Campaign against Modern Art (Page 656 to Page 657)

Link to the book:…

1-Find one artwork from the textbook that reflects at least two different ways in which art is valued and discuss.

•Identify the work (artist name, title, material/media, dimensions, date, and location) and attach, embed, or link in your post. If you choose to embed a large image, please re-size it first so that it fits the screen.

•What value do you place on this work? What value do you think others place on it? Discuss the work from at least two (2) of the following perspectives: economic, political, religious, cultural or aesthetic value.

2-In the readings, you were presented with artworks that challenge traditional notions of art, including works that utilize appropriation, are created with alternative processes (installation, earthworks, and performance) or are examples of conceptual art. These types of artworks celebrate the perceptions and understanding of those who respond to them as much as the skills of the artists who made them. Demonstrate an understanding of one or more of the processes listed above by answering the following:

•How do these practices compare with “traditional” media, such as painting, sculpture, and drawing? What are your thoughts about these alternative art forms? Which, if any, artworks from our course material do you have trouble understanding or accepting as art? Why? Which, if any, do you find refreshing or inspiring? You must choose at least one (1) specific artwork reference to help illustrate your position.

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