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a critical written review of an articles+factors consider when designing an OD intervention

organizational development assignmnet, 3000 words limit.

Section a)

Please provide a critical written review of one of the following articles:

Baughen, A., Oswick, C. & Oswick, R. (2020) Rethinking ‘Organizational Effectiveness’ as a Core Premise of Organization Development: Beyond Narrow Organizational Interests and Towards Wider Soulful Interventions. Journal of Change Management. Online DOI:

Maes, J. D. & Weldy, T. G. (2018) Building effective virtual teams: Expanding OD research and practice. Organization Development Journal, 36(3), 83-90. Retrieved from

Maxton PJ. (2020) Embracing Both Diagnostic and Dialogic Forms of Organization Development in Order to Exploit and Explore. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Online: doi:10.1177/0021886320930020

Shevat A. (2020) Developing More Value Flexibility for Organisation Development in India: Lessons Learnt from Different Value Orientations Across the World. NHRD Network Journal, 13(3):352-358. doi:10.1177/2631454120951883

(2000 words)

Section b)

Critically discuss the factors you would consider when designing an OD intervention in a national context with which you are familiar.

(1000 words)

The detail of the assignmeny please see the attanchment. Also please use Harvard format for the reference.

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