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Analyze and Evaluate: Human Resources in a Changing Health Care Environment

Health care organizations and those who work within them are greatly affected by changes in the environment. Drivers such as health care demands, regulation, and technology are impacting organizations and human resource practices on a large scale. Human resource administrators must manage the impact of these changes on employee relations, including recruitment, compensation, engagement, and retention.

Analyze the changing nature of the health care industry, including health care reform, the volume to value-based shift, and the industry’s emphasis on a culture of excellence. How have these changes impacted the type of workforce and types of positions where there will be more demand? What are the implications of the changing nature of workforce demands on human resource professionals? What impact does competition for quality employees have on human resource managers?

Flynn, W., Mathis, R., Jackson, J., & Valentine, S. (2015). Healthcare human resource management (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

  • Chapter 1, “The Nature and Challenges of Healthcare HR Management”………

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