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Go to the instagram page ‘Black at UNH (Links to an external site.)‘ and find a micro aggression (NOT explicit racism) on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis do two posts. In the first post just describe the events of a microaggression you find (screen shot is fine), In the second post, commenting on another student’s post explain *why* (or why *not*) it is a microaggression. First reply is the one that will get credit. If you post the same microaggression example as another student it will not get credit. Points are part of your quiz grade.

Do not explain in your first post why it is a micro aggression, just post the example.
Review my good example and bad example before posting. Do not use my examples, doing so will be treated as plagiarism.

Examples of micro aggression must be unique and posted first for credit, reload the page after posting to ensure your post is first. (If you post at the same time as another student I will take the first poster no matter how small the time difference)
1 point for a correct and unique micro aggression

1 point for correctly identifying why or why it isnt a micro aggression (if you get it wrong you may not get this point)

1 point for depth of analysis, linking to readings and further discussion.

If a student helps you see that your post *isn’t* a micro aggression, that it is explicit racism (such as using the N-word) then you may find a new case. Please do not post a second case until after someone has commented on your first.

This is satire but it makes the point well I think
Give Nothing To Racism (Links to an external site.)Give Nothing To Racism

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