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Assn 3 EDDD-8080: Child Development in the Critical Early Years

Carefully review developmental characteristics of children between the ages of birth and 5 , and watch the media segment Virtual Field Experience: The Developmental Continuum. Be sure to view the media segment several times, recording characteristics you will highlight in your narration.

Based on the narrated video, describe the developmental characteristics you observe of a child, or children, between birth and 2 and ages 3 and 5 when you watched without sound or made new insights. You are required to provide a podcast narration or a transcript of the video that includes the following:

A description of characteristics and milestones observed

An overview of each developmental domain

  • Social-emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Physical

A description of the interrelationship between developmental domains

After completing your narration, write a 2- page summary paper that addresses the following reflection questions:

  • How did the process of focusing on development complement your knowledge and interest in the field?
    What questions emerged for you during the process of observing development and narrating the video?
    What interests were sparked for you in terms of your future research?
    What concerns do you have related to possible assumptions one might make in the process of observing and narrating this segment and in other early childhood settings?
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