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Biology class presentation on calcium

NOTE: You MUST follow the outline below, ONLY!!

Create a 13 slides long presentation, based on the outline provided, and answer the questions on the following topic: Calcium absorption in human body: Do we need to use Dairy dietary sources or non-dairy?

Discuss the importance of calcium for human body, its way of absorption and bioavailability of calcium in dairy AND non-dairy products

(Our intention is to show how milk is not the absolute best source of calcium for human body)


Slide 1: Topic, Introduce ourselves: Bodily calcium absorption: With an emphasis on Dairy dietary sources vs non-dairy.

Slide 2+3: Introduction: What is Caclium and why our body needs it?

Calcium (Ca)

  • One of the many inorganic dietary minerals that our body needs in order to function properly.
  • On average our body needs at least 200mg of calcium.
  • Sources: dairy products, dark green vegetables, legumes
  • Major functions in the body: Bone and tooth formation, blood clotting, nerve and muscle function
  • Calcium deficiency results in —> Impaired growth, loss of bone mass

Slide 4+5: History: Have humans always been obtaining their calcium from dairy products?

Domesticating of cows and evolvement of milk drinking by humans:……

Slide 6: Introducing other dietary sources of calcium…

Slide 7: Explain what is bioavailability and how do scientists measure the effectiveness of calcium using this method.…

Slide 8+9+10+11: A comparison of bioavailability of calcium in different food sources…………

Slide 12+13: Other factors affecting calcium absorption:….

Slide 14: Conclusion

Slide 15: Works Cited

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