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– Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Data Analysis

Purpose: To encourage and provide students on-hands experiences of using SAP or Watson
Analytics tools to explore, extract and analyse enterprise data
This is a business analytics project aimed at generating innovative analytics solutions.

It will
allow students to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP Business Object/Predictive
Analytics or Watson Analytics in designing useful visualization solutions and predictive models
for different types of analytics problems.

The topic will be on environmental issues. Your main task is to apply any of the analytical
tools to develop innovative analytics visualization solutions and predictive models with regards
to environment, e.g. climate change, energy consumption, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas
emission, pollution dashboard, etc. Besides the suggested datasets/sources, you may apply any
other real-world dataset to illustrate your approach (the different datasets can be combined too).

Please find the attached sample reports
Some possible datasets/sources:

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