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CAAS policy

need help with the essay and completing my policy below is a copy of what the policy is how I started.

Policy Brief: Definition of the problem:

  1. Provide a synthesis of the research on the problem the policy attempts to address. Here, you should communicate the importance of the problem and convince the reader of the necessity of the policy you have chosen. It is essential that you present a focused and clear understanding of the policy action being highlighted. The course material and suggested policy briefs will help you narrow and focus on a specific issue (2 – 4 pages).
  2. Policy Brief: A description of the policy

Provide an overview and summarize key actions of the policy (e.g., how it works, where has the policy been put into place, etc.). What does the policy entail? (1- 2 pages)

Policy Brief: Examine the history of the policy

Provide the rationale and research evidence to support the policy you chose. Using relevant reliable resources provide a summary of the history of the policy you have chosen. How has the issue been addressed in the past? What policy actions have had the most impact? What has been effective or ineffective about the policy? This should provide an accurate account of the issue (i.e., accountability for public schools). Please feel free to include academic and grey literature (2 -3 pages).

Policy Brief Prepare a case that supports the policy based on its strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Discuss at least two of the policy’s strengths and two of the policy’s weaknesses. Also provide at least two specific, actionable recommendations for strengthening the policy that you have selected. These recommendations should logically flow from your analysis (1-2 pages)
    need the assignment done by 9:30 pm eastern time

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