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Case study project. Example and instructions listed below. Word document only

Follow same format as example Attached. Create a fake person name ,age ,and health issues and answer the question just like the sample project attached. You can uses same document in the sample just fill in a fake new patient information, medications, and health history. Also answer this question about healthy people 2020 in the project. Must be in a word document ..

At the top For the date please list 7/12020 also the birthplace I would like New Orleans , LA and raiseD in Dallas Texas

Healthy People 2020

When completing the Health History and Promotion Project, section IX, you will be asked to identify the priority health concerns for the patient. Provide a brief discussion on how one of the problems ties to the Healthy People 2020 goals.

Use the web link to Health People 2020 to help you relate the primary patient concern to the appropriate goal.

Click here for Healthy People 2020 Link

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