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After viewing the recreations of the Theater of Dionysus, do you think that drama was important to the Greeks? Why do you feel this way?


Since often times there were spectators sitting quite a distance from the actors, how do you think the movement was choreographed so that even the farthest person in the audience could understand what was happening?


First, let’s look at  Antigone.

Now we will start our reading of Antigone.

Read up to the point where Creon confronts Antigone after she has buried her brother.

What happened to Antigone’s and Ismene’s brothers?



What has Creon decreed about the unburied brother? How does Antigone intend to go against his will?


How does Ismene feel about what Antigone proposes to do?


Who do you think the Chorus represents? What were they and the Chorus leader discussing? (It is okay if you are not sure, just speculate)


What does the Guard report to Creon about the dead brother? What is Creon’s response?


How does the Guard describe the event leading up to the capture of Antigone?



We will continue reading Antigone in the next lesson. Here are a few questions on the possible outcome of the play.

Speculate on how you think the story of Antigone is going to end.

10.Make some guesses at a few of the ingredients of a Greek Tragedy. (Hint: Shakespeare was very much into Greek Tragedies, he even wrote a few himself. Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet are just two of the many that he wrote. What happened at the end of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet?)


One of Sophocles’ contemporaries was Euripides. Like Sophocles, Euripides won many awards for his dramatic endeavors. Read about Euripides at the sites below.

When was Euripides born and when did he die? How old was he when he died?


What was Euripides criticized for?


What kind of man does Euripides sound like to you?

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