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DSM-5- Anorexia Nervosa-10 min Power Point

DSM-5 Presentation – Introduction

Feeding and Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa

My powerpoint presentation will be on Anorexia Nervosa


Due to the array of diagnoses, there is no way of being able to cover/address all of them in 7 weeks. However, this presentation offers each student ownership and delivery of a specific diagnosis not covered in the course materials. Your work will not only enhance your own knowledge but also your peers.

Guidelines for the Presentation:

Choose a diagnosis (Anorexia Nervosa) and organize the criterion in a PowerPoint presentation, including all specifiers that go along with your chosen diagnosis. I encourage you to choose a diagnosis that interests or intrigues you.

Note: some diagnoses have many specifiers (e.g., Major Depressive Disorder) and some have none (e.g., Borderline Personality Disorder). Provide research for the following (minimum of 5 sources for total presentation):

Are there any evidenced-based treatments (EBTs) for the particular diagnosis

If there are EBTs, identify briefly the specific interventions (remember CBT is not an intervention but an orientation that utilizes many interventions) and what are the mechanisms of change (i.e., what symptom(s) is the specific intervention targeting?)

Psychopharmacological treatments

What are they and what are their effects on the client?

Identify the prevalence rate among the Hispanic community (be specific, is it US citizens, first generation, etc.). Describe the Hispanic cultures views of this particular diagnosis (may only find research that specifies diagnoses in general and not your specific diagnosis), etc.

After a thorough search for relevant literature, you may find very little to nothing, well, don’t despair, this too is relevant

Speak to the research, or the lack thereof, and how that can impact us as clinicians in assigning the specific diagnosis chosen

Presentation length:

Presentation must be a minimum of 10 min. and no more than 15 min. long. Practicing to be precise, succinct, and yet informative is a skill. This assignment will provide you that opportunity.

I will attach DSM-5 Anorexia Nervosa readings


American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed. DSM-5®). Washington, DC: Author.

Additional Resources and Media

Ongoing Resource: American Psychiatric Association – Online Assessment Measures –…

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