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Graphic Design Question

Read articles on the websites listed below, those attached to this assignment, and/or others that you find, and write a paper based on the questions in the instructions below.………

To view, copy and paste the URLs into the web browser and press enter to go to that page. In addition, you can search for and use other related web sites that are of interest to you. Also, there is an article attached to this assignment which you can read. Answer the following questions in a 2-3 page (double-spaced) paper:

1. What part of the industry are you researching and writing about? i.e. print, web, graphic design, photography, etc. What types of careers does it include?

2. What is the forecast or outlook for that part of the industry? Does it appear to be growing or shrinking? Is it changing? How so?

3. What additional information you find interesting, contradictory, confusing, or otherwise noteworthy?

Read and cite at least two articles. List whether the sources you found agree or disagree about the current and future state of the industry. For example, you might find one article that states that print is dead and another that states that print is always going to be a growth area. Using a bibliography at the end of the paper, list the title, year and author of the articles that you use.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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