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In this anthology

In this anthologyINSTRUCTIONS:

In this anthology, you will be sharing strategies that you discovered in the Eli M. Oboler Library ResearchPath videos. Describe three research strategies and/or resources that you found to be especially helpful. In your entry, explain how these strategies and/or resources can help you and your classmates conduct the best possible research–and do so efficiently. In your anthology entry, also include an image that reflects the spirit of the strategies/resources you’ve described. 300-word minimum requirement. Use the Grading Rubric for Anthology Entries to guide you as you create your entry.

Note: The only attachment permitted for this assignment is the image; please, do not attach your description of three helpful research strategies and/or resources. This information should be entered directly in the entry.

This collaborative project will become a valuable research tool you can refer to as you continue researching for Essay 3 and all future English 1102 research-based assignments.



Remember: Late assignments will not be graded.



(A: 90%-100%)


(B: 80%-89%)



Below Expectations

(D/F: 0% to 69%)

Relevance of Anthology Entry

Anthology entry relates to assigned topic, cites additional references related to topic (as needed), and meets 300 minimum word requirement.

Anthology entry addresses the assigned topic, but may be too general; more citations/support may be necessary. The post meets at least 85% of 300-word required length (255 words). It still prompts further discussion into the topic.

Anthology entry is off-topic. More development is needed. The post meets at least 75% of 300-word required length (225 words). It offers little insight into the topic and prompts little discussion of topic.

Anthology entry does not address the topic. It makes short or irrelevant marks. It meets less than 74% (224 and below) of 300-word length requirement.

Expression of Entry

Anthology entry expresses opinions and ideas in a clear, concise manner with obvious connection to the topic. Assigned images demonstrate reflection on the entry’s topic.

Opinions and ideas are stated clearly, with occasional lack of connection to topic. Assigned images still demonstrate reflection on the entry’s topic.

Anthology entry presents unclear connection to topic evidenced in minimal expression of ideas or opinions. Assigned images appear to be selected in haste; little thought appears to go into them.

Anthology entry does not address the topic; it presents no connection to the topic. Assigned images are not included in the entry.

Delivery of Entry

Anthology entry consistently uses correct grammar, with rare misspellings.

Anthology entry contains few grammatical or spelling errors.

Anthology entry contains several grammatical and spelling errors.

Anthology entry contains poor spelling and grammar; posts appear “hasty.”

Contribution to Learning Community

Anthology entry demonstrates awareness of needs of community; topic’s relevance is clear; entry presents creative approaches to topic.

Anthology demonstrates awareness of community’s needs and the topic’s relevance, but some details and/or development are needed to support/illustrate key points.

Anthology entry marginally demonstrates topic’s relevance; attempts to provide key details and support are made, but ideas are significantly underdeveloped.

Does not make an effort to address the topic’s relevance; little to no thought appears to have gone into the entry’s development.

Requirements: 300 words

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student pre15



I found module two to be extremely helpful because it teaches someone how to decide on a focused topic. It helps you decide if a topic is too broad or narrow by teaching you to focus on answering a question you may have. It also claims if you are interested in the topic you will do better because you can answer the simple questions like who, what when where and why? Module two on developing a focused topic also said to brainstorm ideas and look for multiple sources to answer your questions. This next tip is about how to find that information. The second study tip to make a research paper go from good to excellent was the one search. ISU has a one search that can help you narrow down information. The one source has a plethora of books and articles to find what you are looking for. You can look for books using call numbers. Publishers, dates, field of study and floor. One source also has Liberians so do not be shy if you cannot find something you are looking for. The last great study tip is how to find accurate internet website sources because not everything on the internet is true. That may be contrary to popular belief but finding reliable and accurate sources that are current and hold no biases will go along way in a research paper. If you find a website that makes a claim it is good to fact check them by using other sources to see if it is biased, lacks authority, or nonobjective. It is important to stray far away from subjective statements and find what is true. Be sure if you find something that is true, be sure to check when the article was published to determine if the information is still current.

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