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Make an Outline for Staples Inc


  • Situational Analysis: Include the current industry, market size, growth potential, competitive environment, and future opportunities.
  • Product Positioning Strategy:
    Choose a positioning strategy for your product designed to change the
    perception of the current product by the targeted customer group.
  • Customer Profile: Include the details related to your customer’s demographics and psychographics.
  • Marketing Communications:
    Include 1 message appeal by designing an advertisement for your target
    market and 1 communication channel for delivering the message to your
    target market(s). Explain why this message and media matches your target
  • Distribution Placement Strategies: Include at least 2 distribution options/channels to get the product to your customer. Explain why you chose these channels.

The outline must include the 5 topic above in bold. Something simple will work. I need it done today.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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