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National Organizations, Advocacy Letter, Health Bill

Answer the following questions carefully and completely. Be thorough and give examples when appropriate. When providing information from outside sources, always cite your sources using APA format.

1. Go to the following link: (Links to an external site.) Scroll down to “national organizations”. Choose one of the websites under national organizations; go to that organizations policy or advocacy section. Choose a health topic that needs advocacy. Do your research and read up on the chosen health topic. Summarize what you learned about the health topic. Why is this issue important? Who is affected? What will be gained or lost by supporting or opposing the issue?

2. Go to the following GovTrack website: (Links to an external site.) Choose one of the health bills – do your research and read up on the health topic and bill. From the same website, find the member of congress in your congressional district: (Links to an external site.) Write a letter advocating for the chosen bill/health topic.

3. Go to the following link: (Links to an external site.) Read the article carefully. Proved a summary of the key points from the article. What did you learn? How can health educators use this information in practice?

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