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Discussion task this week is to learn about Cardiovascular Disease or Lung Disease, and about how to prevent much of it!

Most Cardiovascular Disease, and most Lung Disease is preventable.  This week you will choose a condition that interests you,  research it, and explain it to the class “in your own words”.  At some point in your post,  include a bit about how to prevent this condition,  if possible; or how to control it,  if prevention is not possible. 

Step One:  Visit the American Heart Association Website,  (Links to an external site.)

OR,  Visit the American Lung Association Webiste, (Links to an external site.)

Step Two:  Browse around and read as much as you like.  I think you will find either website quite interesting!

Step Three:  After a while,  go to “Conditions” if you are on the Heart website,  or “Diseases” if you are on the Lung Website.  Choose ONE to report on.  (I would like no more than 3 reports on the same topic,  so you will need to look on the Discussion to see what has already been done.  There are 16 “condition” topics on the Heart Website, and 4 “Disease” topics on the Lung Website to choose from. )

Step Four:  Please create a Title for your post,  which will be the name of the condition or diseae that you chose.  Write that first so your classmates can see it and easily know what topics have been done already.

Step Five:  Write one paragraph “in your own words” explaining the condition you chose. 

Step Six:  If you know a person with this condition,  write one or two sentences of detail about their experience. 

Step Seven:  Write one or two sentences about preventing or controlling this condition. 

Step Eight:  Cite your source correctly!  HOW TO CITE SOURCES, MADE EASY!!!

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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